Personal Statement

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 1972. Except for a two-year leave with a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science (U.C. Berkeley, 1973-1975), he taught at the University of Southern California from 1971 to 1988. He came to Berkeley's Department of Linguistics in 1988, which he chaired from 1991 to 2002. He has worked extensively on phonological theory and other aspects of language structure — particularly as concerns the history, typology, and description of the Niger-Congo languages of Africa, especially Bantu. He has published several books (e.g. Phonology Theory and AnalysisA Theory of Phonological Weight) and numerous theoretical articles in such journals as Language, Linguistic Inquiry, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Phonology, Studies in African Linguistics and Journal of African Languages and Linguistics. His current interests center around phonological theory, tone systems, and the comparative and historical study of the Bantu language family (of about 500 languages) for which he founded theComparative Bantu On-Line Dictionary (CBOLD), with funding from the National Science Foundation and in collaboration with the Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage (CNRS/Université Lyon2). He also has had a grant from the France-Berkeley Fund and spent his 1995-96 sabbatical in the C.N.R.S. Laboratory “Dynamique du Langage” in Lyon, France.

Selected publications

 Most of my recent papers in phonology are posted in the Phonology Laboratory Annual Reports, e.g. 

 "Why underlying representations?"

 "Positional prominence vs. word accent: Is there a difference?"

"Initial vowel length in Lulamogi: Cyclicity or globality?"

"Morphology, irregularity, and Bantu frication: The case of Lulamogi" (with John Merrill)

 "What (else) depends on phonology?"

"What is phonological typology?"

"Disentangling conjoint, disjoint, metatony, tone cases, augments, prosody, and focus in Bantu"

"Towards a typology of postlexical tonal neutralizations"

Some other recently published papers (or consult my full CV at the bottom of my homepage): 

“Towards a canonical typology of prosodic systems". In Esther Herrera Zendejas (ed.), Tono, accento y estructuras métricas en lenguas mexicanas, 13-18. México: El Colegio de México (2015).

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Kuki-Thaadow Segmental Phonology

Kuki-Thaadow Tone

Kuki-Thaadow Nouns and Noun Phrase

Kuki-Thaadow Verb Structure

Leggbo Noun Structure

Leggbo Verb Structure