Faculty and staff

Susanne Gahl

Susanne Gahl Associate Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Email: gahl@berkeley.edu
Office: 1220 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Psycholinguistics; language production and comprehension; aphasia
Fall 2017: Linguistics 108, 200

Larry M. Hyman

Larry M. Hyman Professor of Linguistics; Executive Director, France-Berkeley Fund
Email: hyman@berkeley.edu
Office: 1221 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Phonological theory, language typology, African languages, especially Bantu and other Niger-Congo
Fall 2017: On sabbatical leave

Sharon Inkelas

Sharon Inkelas Professor of Linguistics; Special Faculty Adviser to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment
Email: inkelas@berkeley.edu
Office: 1219 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Phonology, morphology, and their interface; child phonology
Fall 2017: Linguistics 375

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson Professor of Linguistics; Director, PhonLab
Email: keithjohnson@berkeley.edu
Office: 1222 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Linguistic phonetics, phonetic neuroscience, psycholinguistics
2017-18: On sabbatical leave 

Darya (Даша) Kavitskaya

Darya Kavitskaya Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Email: dkavitskaya@berkeley.edu
Office: 6219 Dwinelle
Research and teaching: Slavic, Turkic, Uralic; phonology and phonetics, historical phonology
Fall 2016: Linguistics 211B

Susan Lin

Susan Lin Assistant Professor of Linguistics; Acting Director, PhonLab
Email: susanlin@berkeley.edu
Office: 1215 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Articulatory phonetics, speech perception, sound change
Fall 2017: Linguistics 24, 110

Brian Smith

Brian Smith Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Email: bwsmith@berkeley.edu
Office: 1222 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Phonology, morphology, the phonology-morphology interface, computational linguistics
Fall 2017: Linguistics 150, 211B

Ronald Sprouse

Ronald Sprouse Information Systems Analyst
Email: ronald@berkeley.edu
Office: 49 Dwinelle Hall
Portfolio: Programming related to speech production and perception research, including digital signal processing. Linux system administration and web application development for digital language archives and language documentation.

Graduate students

Auburn Barron-Lutzross

Auburn Barron-Lutzross Email: alutzross@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Experimental phonetics, sociophonetics, phonetics of gender and sexuality, psycholinguistics, accommodation and convergence, speech and aging, signed languages structure and prosody

Emily Clem

Emily Clem Email: eclem@berkeley.edu
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Research interests:
 Syntax, semantics, morphology, language documentation, typology, areal linguistics; Amahuaca, Tswefap, Bulu
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 121

Meg Cychosz

Meg Cychosz Email: mcychosz@berkeley.edu
Office: 1307 Dwinelle
Research interests: (Socio)phonetics, psycholinguistics: especially bilingual and L2 phonological acquisition
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 130

Matthew Faytak

Matt Faytak Email: mf@berkeley.edu
Office: 1305 Dwinelle
Research interests: Articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, sound change, vowel systems
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics R1B

Karee Garvin

Karee Garvin Email: karee_garvin@berkeley.edu
Office: 1309 Dwinelle
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, phonetics-phonology interface, language documentation
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 100

Myriam Lapierre

Myriam Lapierre Email: myriam.lapierre@berkeley.edu
Office: 1309 Dwinelle
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, nasality, language documentation and revitalization, Amazonian languages (especially Jê languages)
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 100

Tyler Lemon

Tyler Lemon Email: tylerlemon@berkeley.edu
Office: 1308 Dwinelle
Research interests: Morphology, syntax, phonology, typology, language variation, fieldwork

Yevgeniy Melguy

Yevgeniy Melguy Email: ymelguy@berkeley.edu
Office: TBA
Research interests: Phonetics-phonology interface, lab phonology, speech perception/production, bilingualism

Emily Remirez

Emily Remirez Email: eremirez@berkeley.edu
Office: 1305 Dwinelle
Research interests: Sociocultural and interactional linguistics, lab phonetics and phonology, identity construction, discourse and grammar
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 5

Nicholas Rolle

Nik Rolle Email: n.rolle@berkeley.edu
Office: 1219 Dwinelle
Research interests: General: phonology, prosody/tone/accent, the phonology/morphosyntax interface, language description, areal typology, Nigerian languages and West Africa; Specific: dominance effects in prosody, clitics and post-syntactic movement, areal phonology of the Macro-Sudan Belt in Africa, metrical windows and accent assignment, serial verb constructions; Languages: Esan, Edo, Degema, Urhobo, Edoid, Kalabari, Ijoid, Agwara Kambari, Kainji, Niger-Congo, Niuean, Ese'eja
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 375

Alice Shen

Alice Shen Email: azshen@berkeley.edu
Office: 1307 Dwinelle

Research interests: Phonetics, psycholinguistics, speech perception, bilingualism
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 110

Eric Wilbanks

Eric Wilbanks Email: wilbanks_eric@berkeley.edu
Office: 1305 Dwinelle
Research interests: Phonetics and phonology; sociophonetics; language variation and change; laboratory phonology; speech perception and production; Hispanic linguistics
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 5