About Language and Cognition

The relation of language and cognition is a central research focus in linguistics at Berkeley. For decades, research in this department has been influential in explaining linguistic phenomena in cognitive terms, and cognitive phenomena in linguistic terms. Current research on language and cognition in the department extends this tradition, with innovative work ranging from the observational to the experimental to the computational, from signed to spoken to written modalities of language, and from the structure of speech to semantic typology.

Research on language and cognition at Berkeley also takes place in a number of units beyond the Linguistics Department proper, and ideas and people circulate regularly among units. The undergraduate Program in Cognitive Science offers courses in language and cognition. A number of research groups, including FrameNet and the World Color Survey, are housed at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). TheInstitute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences (ICBS)the Cognition, Brain and Behavior Program in the Department of Psychology, and the Chang Lab at UC San Francisco also support research collaborations connecting the fields of linguistics, computer science, psychology, and neuroscience.

Elisabeth Wehling in Die Welt
Elisabeth Wehling discusses framing and metaphor in political language (Die Welt, June 6, 2016).

Kemp & Regier 2012, Figure 2
Charles Kemp & Terry Regier, "Kinship Categories Across Languages Reflect General Communicative Principles" (2012), Figure 2, "Kin classification systems and their shortest descriptions"
Cheung et al. 2016, Figure 2
Connie Cheung, Liberty Hamiton, Keith Johnson, and Edward Chang, "The auditory representation of speech sounds in human motor cortex" (2016), Figure 2, "Site-by-site differences in vSMC neural activity when speaking and listening to CV syllables"

Oana David, Ellen Dodge, and Elise Stickles
Oana David, Ellen Dodge, and Elise Stickles give a presentation at a Social Science Matrix workshop, 2016