Courses in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology

Lower-Division Courses

10. The Sounds of English. (3 units.)  Fundamentals of speech production and perception with special emphasis on the sounds of English. Students will have practice in distinguishing and producing sounds of various dialects of English. This course lays a foundation for further study in phonetics and phonology.

Upper-Division Courses

110. Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology. (4 units.) An introduction to (1) phonetic transcription of speech using the International Phonetic Alphabet, (2) acoustic analysis of speech, (3) physiological and cognitive aspects of speech production and perception, and (4) phonological analysis of language sound systems. Required for undergraduate majors and graduate students. 

113. Experimental Phonetics. (3 units.) Practical training in experimental phonetics; acoustic, physiological, and perceptual analysis of speech. 

115. Phonology and Morphology. (4 units.) Introduction to important cross-linguistic phonological and morphological phenomena as well as standard methods of description and analysis. Required for undergraduate majors.

148. Phonological Development. (3 units.) Exploration of phonological development with focus on first language acquisition. Includes practical experience analyzing transcribed acquisition data. 

Graduate Courses

210. Phonetic Theory. (3 units.) A reading-based course which focuses on theories of speech production, perception, and acoustics as they relate to phonetic and phonological patterns found in the languages of the world. 

211A. Advanced Phonological Theory. (3 units.) An introduction to phonological theory at the graduate level with an emphasis on cross-linguistic phonological patterns. Required for graduate students.

211B. Topics in Phonological Theory. (3 units.) Continuation of 211A, focusing on topics of current interest in phonological theory.

215. Advanced Morphology. (3 units.) Examination of complex morphological systems. Issues in the theory of word morphology.

290C. Topics in Linguistic Theory: Phonology. (3 units.) A seminar or special lecture course on a topic in morphology.

290E. Topics in Linguistic Theory: Phonology. (3 units.) A seminar or special lecture course on a topic in phonology or phonetics