Recordings of Early Linguistics Lectures

The following recordings from the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s belong to the "LL" ("Linguistics Lectures") series housed in the Berkeley Language Center. When digitized versions are accessioned in the California Language Archive, permanent URLs (or DOIs) will be added below.  We thank our generous donors for the support that allowed us to digitize these lectures.

Item #
Speaker: Title
Digitization support
Bernstein: Linguistic Codes, Roles, and Socialization
Catherine E. Davies ($40)
Smith: Principles Underlying the Construction of Elementary Reading Materials
Klima: Some Linguistic Problems in the Acquisition of Language
Elise ($30)
Braine: Towards a Model for First Language Acquisition
Elisabeth ($50)
Fallandy Billingsly, Birkman: Foreign Language: The Challenge of the Fuure
Elisabeth ($50)
Malkiel: Genetic Linguistics
Eileen Pinto ($30)
Haas: The Prehistory of Language
Leanne Hinton ($50)
Haugen: Linguistics and Language Planning
Isaac Bleaman ($36)
Truby: The Relevance of Speech Analysis to Mechanical Translation
Keith Johnson ($50)
Chrétien: The Statistical Structure of the Proto-Austronesian Morph, with side remarks on the meaning of numbers.
Catherine E. Davies ($40)
Szemerenyi: Structuralism and Substratum: Indo-Europeans and Aryans in the Ancient Near East
Keelan Evanini ($40)
Szemerenyi: The Origin of Gender in Indo-European
Keelan Evanini ($40)
Wurm: Progress in Linguistic Studies in Australia and New Guinea
Wang: Phonological Rules and Distinctive Features
Stella Ting ($100)
Bellugi-Klima: The Child's Language at Five and Later
Harris: The English Vowel Shift
Adrienne Grover ($30)
Robinett: Reading Problems of Spanish American Children
Schramm: The Semivowel [Y] in Semitic: A Study in Comparative Morphophonemics
Robinett: Ten Premises of the Miami Program
Lee: Machine-to-Man Communication by Speech
Adrienne Grover ($40)
Leanne Hinton ($50)
Anderson: Do Words Change Meaning as a Function of Context
Ramon ($30)
Dalby: The Role of the Linguist in the Reconstruction of African Prehistory
Bloch: The English Plural Morpheme
Deborah Gonzalez ($30)
Bloch: Postulates for Descriptive Linguistics
Joos: Semology - Meaning Pattern Inside of the Language
Lamb: On Arrangement of Linguistic Items
Winter: The Importance of Tocharian for Comparative Indo-European Philology
Winter: Form and Meaning in Morphological Analysis
Lehman: Germanic long E Two: Focus of Historical Linguistic Method
Keelan Evanini ($40)
Brooks: The New Approach
Saporta: Grammatical Models and Language Learning
Watkins: Greek Metres, Indo-European Metrics and Archaic Irish Verse
Eve ($36)
Bastian: Languages of this and Other Worlds
Chomsky: Mathematical Models in Linguistics (Part I) & (Part II)
Chomsky: Formal Properties of Simple Families of Languages
Isaac Bleaman ($30)
Pitman: Historical Development and Utilization of the Initial Teaching Alphabet
Chomsky: Mathematical Linguistic - The Future
J. Chang ($40)
Lounsbury: A Theory of the Meanings of the Latin Kinship Terms
Lamb: Notes on Generation, Concatenation, Alternation, Transformation, Realization, and Stratification
Halliday: The Concept of Theme in English Grammar
Catherine E. Davies ($30)
Halliday: Intonation and Clause in English
J. Chang ($50)
Uhlenbeck: Some First Principles in the Study of Syntax
??: Word in Your Ear
Emily ($30)
Venezky: Morphophonemics and English Spelling-to-Sound Correspondences
Jenkins: Theory and Research in Psycholinguistics: Important Problems and Needed Research
Bright: Plant and Animal Names in Northwestern California
Leanne Hinton ($50)
Peters: The Descriptive Power of Transformational Grammar
Spencer: Speech and the English Novel
Halliday: Some Aspects of English Intonation
Andrew C. ($30)
Austerlitz: Politeness and Grammar: East and West
Johnson: On Teaching Standard English to Disadvantaged Black Children
Johnson: Negro Dialects
Lowe: Introduction to Taped Lesson Materials
Politzer: The Classroom Performance of the Superior Language Teacher
Mathiew: On Technical Equipment
Matthiew: Have Lab What Now?
Emily Cibelli ($30)
Catford: Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching
Susan Lin ($100)
Wolff: Western Languages, 100 to 1500
Schachter: Focus and Relativization
Keith Johnson ($51)
64 Martinet: The Feminine Gender in Synchrony and Diachrony Catherine E. Davies ($40)
65 Ferguson: A Sample Research Srategy in Language Universals Leanne Hinton ($50)
66 Wang: Phonological Description and Speech Recognition Susan Lin ($100)
68 Welmers: Types of Problems in the Morphology and Syntax of Niger-Congo Languages Jake ($75)
69 Johnson: The Dialect - a First or Second Language
70 Fant: Correlates of Universal Phonetic Features Keith Johnson ($100)
71 Hall: Frontiers in the Study of Pidgin and Creole Languages Elisabeth ($50)
73 Lamb: Machine Translation and Human Translation J. Chang ($40)
74 Halliday: Talking Ones Way into the Culture: A Socio-linguistic Approach to Language Learning Leanne Hinton ($50)
75 Osgood: The Salience of the Humble Word in Language Perception - and Why J. Chang ($50)
76 Li: Reconstruction of Archaic Chinese J. Chang ($100)
77 Swadesh: The Origin of Language Diversification Leanne Hinton ($50)
78 Uhlenbeck: Some Objections against Transformational Theory
79 Pearson: Learning to Speak; Learning to Read - Are the Processes Parallel? Leanne Hinton ($50)
80 Nickel: Present State of Applied Linguistics in West Germany and in Europe Samuel P. Gregory ($50)
81 Swadesh: Survey and Classification of Central and South American Indian Languages Zach ($30)
82 Bar-Hillel: What Price Syntactic Simplification?
83 Sawyer: Language Teaching: Bibliographical-Historical Notes Hunold ($50)
84 Chafe: Language Catherine E. Davies ($55)
86 Hyman: Principles of Historical Phonology Keith Johnson ($205)
88 Chomsky: Sound Structure and its Bearing on Active Processes of Perception I-III (7 reels)
89 Chomsky: Some Deficiencies in the Theory of Generative Phonology
90 Shipley: Orientation to the Survey of California Indian Languages; Cultural and Genetic Relationships Leanne Hinton ($50)
91 Chomsky: Linguistic Contributions to the Study of the Mind (Past Present and Future) Eileen Pinto ($30)
92 Becker: Command Performance: The Linguistic Basis of Javanese Culture
93 Jakobson: The Problem of the Interrelationship between the Study of Poetry and the Study of Language Catherine E. Davies ($30)
94 Dillard: Black English Leanne Hinton ($50)
95 Chao: Dimensions of Fidelity in Translation J. Chang ($500)
96 Fauconnier: Fuzzy Acceptability and Complement Subject Deletion in French
97 Thorne: Realism and Nominalism and Medieval Grammattical Theory
98 Lindblom: The Phonetic Cost Benefit Analysis of Phonological Facts: Possibilities and Limitations Ian Maddieson ($50)
99 Ansre: Language Problems and Projects in Ghanaian Education
100 Whitfield: Glossematics
101 Haas: American Indian Languages (23 reels!) Anonymous ($1001)
102 Bolinger: About Alternative Questions Catherine E. Davies ($35)
103 Becker: Southeast Asian Aesthetics: A Linguistic View
104 Molde: Language Planning in Sweden Anonymous ($50)
105 Politzer: The Roles of the Language Teacher Anonymous ($50)
106 Weinreich: Current Quesions in Semantic Theory Isaac Bleaman ($36)
107 Morag: Israels Linguistic Heritage Isaac Bleaman ($36)
108 Garvin/Haas: The Structure of Kutenai Leanne Hinton ($50)
109 Becker: A Linguistic Map of Nature: The Burmese Classifier System
110 Greenberg: Factors in the Evolution of Morphological Systems Larry Hyman ($50)
111 Whitman: What is Philosophy of Language J. Chang ($50)
112 McNeillage: On the Serial Ordering of Speech Sounds Ian Maddieson ($50)
113 Rensky: The Prague School Today
114 Stockwell: The Aims of Grammar
115 Alisjahbana: The Writing of Grammar for a Modern Asian Language
122 Egerod: Songs of Lanna - Northern Thai Poetry
123 Stanford: Some Questions on the Pitch Accent in Greek
124 Stanford: The Sound of Greek
125 Sebeok: The Pertinence of Peirce to Linguistics
127 Bellugi: Poetry and Song in a Langauge Without Words Elise ($30)
128 Kac: Some Hitherto Undetected Regularities in Surface Structure
129 Johnson: Auditory Discrimination Skills of Black Children: Implications for the Teaching of Reading
130 Taylor: Black English (10 reels!) J. Chang ($200)
131 Haas: History of American Linguistics (18 reels!) Kathryn ($200)
132 Becker: Etymology as an Oral Text Strategy
133 Baltzer: The Functions of Language: A New Approach to the Learning and Teaching of a Foreign Language Anonymous ($50)
134 Williams [Mithun]: Focus and Drift in Northern Iroquoian
135 Foley: Another Look at Relativization and NP Accessibility
136 Campbell: Some Implications of Areal Linguistics
137 Nichols: The Meeting of East and West: Linguistics in the Soviet Union Anne Pycha ($100)
138 Beeler: Thirty-Six Years of Linguistics at Berkeley Kathryn ($30)
139 Frederiksen: Inference and the Structure of Childrens' Discourse
140 Matisoff: Language and Linguistics (27 reels!!) Hunold ($250)
141 Rivers: Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Education: The Right to Read Any Language J. Chang ($40)
142 Peters: Turn-taking in an American Family
143 Lamb: Another Look at Whorf's Linguistic Relativity Principle
144 Brewster: Language Acquisition Made Practical
145 Schmid: Suggestology Workshop (7 reels)
146 Shevelov: Language Planning and Unplanning in the USSR Baker ($150)
147 Moulton: The Semantics of Verbals and Complements
148 Sebeok: Semiotic Anomalies
150 Greenberg: The Structure of Linguistic Revolutions: A Typological Approach
153 Rodriques: Brazilian Portuguese and the Tupi-Guaraní Lanugages
155 Willemijris: Bilingualism Diglossia and Language Planning Rachel ($30)
156 Dahlstrom: Obviation and Point of View in Cree Sean P. Cronin ($50)
157 Greenberg: The Genetic Classification of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas Jake ($50)
160 Haas: The Survey: A History of the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages Leanne Hinton ($50)