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Myfany Turpin (University of Queensland)
Linguistic fieldwork and song

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Larry M. Hyman (UC Berkeley)
Why underlying representations?


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Phorum Phround Phrobin (Come Prepared!)

We invite you to come with a phonetic or phonological topic or some interesting data that you are prepared to discuss for 5-10 minutes. If you do not have a topic to present, come prepared to ask questions and discuss the data that others bring!

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You! (Phorum Round Robin)

Come to our first Phorum of the year with a 5 minute (or less) Ph-related musing, question, or update on what you did this summer.

Mobile object markers in Moro: The role of tone

Peter Jenks
Sharon Rose

Object markers alternate between a prefix and a suffix position in the Thetogovela dialect of Moro, an underdocumented Kordofanian language of Sudan. Although the alternation appears to depend on the morphosyntactic category of verb forms, we show that it actually follows from the tonal properties of these verb forms. Verb stems that are usually marked with a default, phonologically predictable leftmost high tone select prefix object markers.

Tone melodies in the age of surface correspondence

Sharon Inkelas
Stephanie Shih

In this paper, we reexamine tone melody inventories in Mende, a landmark case study in the development of Autosegmental Phonology. We argue for adopting an approach couched within Agreement by Correspondence (ABC) Theory, in which tone melody inventories emerge naturally from the phonological grammar, rooted in independently-motivated principles of similarity and proximity with proven effects in segmental phenomena.