Kenneth Baclawski Jr.

Kenny Baclawski Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle

Research interests: Syntax, sociolinguistics, Southeast Asian and Chamic linguistics
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 100

Geoff Bacon

Geoff Bacon Email:
Office: 1307 Dwinelle
Research interests: Computational linguistics, learnability, language & cognition
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 5

Nicholas Baier

Nico Baier Email:
Research interests: Syntactic theory; syntax-morphology interface; agreement; typology

Sarah Bakst

Sarah Bakst Email:
Research interests: Phonetics and phonology, in particular retroflexes (especially in languages of India), motor planning, rhotics, and visual phonetics

Auburn Barron-Lutzross

Auburn Barron-Lutzross Email:
Office: 1307 Dwinelle

Research interests: Experimental phonetics, sociophonetics, phonetics of gender and sexuality, psycholinguistics, accommodation and convergence, speech and aging, signed languages structure and prosody
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 110

Kayla Begay

Kayla Begay Assistant Professor of Native American Studies, Humboldt State University
Research interests: Athabaskan languages, language contact, Native American languages of California, language description and documentation, tense and aspect systems

Will Chang

Will Chang

Research interests: Statistical phylogenetics, Polynesian, statistical learning, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, natural language processing

Andrew Cheng

Andrew Cheng Email:
Research interests: Language documentation, experimental phonetics, sociolinguistics

Emily Clem

Emily Clem Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Research interests:
 Syntax, semantics, morphology, language documentation, typology, areal linguistics; Amahuaca, Tswefap, Bulu
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 100

Meg Cychosz

Meg Cychosz Email:
Research interests: (Socio)phonetics, psycholinguistics: especially bilingual and L2 phonological acquisition

Virginia Dawson

Ginny Dawson Email:
Research interests: Semantics, syntax, morphology; language documentation; Tiwa (Tibeto-Burman)

Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly Email:
Office: 1305 Dwinelle

Research interests: Sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, phonology, descriptive linguistics, language documentation
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 375

Matthew Faytak

Matt Faytak Email:
Office: 1307 Dwinelle
Research interests: Phonological typology, the actuation of sound change, turbulent sounds, aerodynamics; language documentation and revitalization, lexicography
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 110

Karee Garvin

Karee Garvin Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, phonetics-phonology interface, language documentation

Dmetri Hayes

Dmetri Hayes Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Fall 2016 teaching:
Linguistics 100

Jevon Heath

Jevon Heath Visiting Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh
Research interests: Miscommunication stemming from interface issues between idiolects. Sociophonetics/accommodation/phonetic convergence; historical linguistics/sound change/actuation; morphology/reduplication; language documentation.

Noah Hermalin

Noah Hermalin Email:
Research interests: Language and cognition; writing systems and written language

Myriam Lapierre

Myriam Lapierre Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, nasality, language documentation and revitalization, Amazonian languages (especially Jê languages)

Tyler Lau

Tyler Lau Email:
: 1309 Dwinelle
Research interests: 
Historical linguistics, language change, language documentation, Ryukyuan languages
Fall 2016 teaching:
Linguistics 130

Florian Lionnet

Florian Lionnet Email:
Research interests: Phonology, its phonetic basis, its interactions with morphology and syntax; historical linguistics; typology; language documentation and description; African languages

Erik Hans Maier

Erik Hans Maier Email:
Research interests: Syntax, semantics, morphology, fieldwork, language documentation and revitalization, verbal art, Karuk, Germanic languages

Jonathan Manker

Jonathan Manker Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, morphology, sound change, historical linguistics, language documentation, language revitalization, acoustics, speech perception, dialectology

Yevgeniy Melguy

Yevgeniy Melguy Email:
Research interests: Phonetics-phonology interface, lab phonology, speech perception/production, bilingualism

John T. M. Merrill

Jack Merrill Email:
Research interests: Historical and comparative linguistics, Niger-Congo

Julia Eileen Nee

Julia Nee Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Research interests: Language documentation, syntax, semantics, Mesoamerican linguistics, language contact, Zapotec (Teotitlán del Valle)
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 100

Kelsey Neely

Kelsey Neely Email:
Research interests: Language documentation, Amazonian linguistics, morphosyntax, language contact. Yaminawa, Nahua (Yora), Yanomami, Máíhɨ̀kì

Zachary O'Hagan

Zachary O'Hagan Email:
Research interests: Language documentation, description, history and contact (Amazonia); historical linguistics; morphosyntax; semantics; information structure

Eric Heath Prendergast

Eric Prendergast Email:
Research interests: Interfaces between pragmatics and morphosyntax, information structure and packaging, language contact, Balkan languages, Slavic languages

Emily Remirez

Emily Remirez Email:
Research interests: Sociocultural and interactional linguistics, lab phonetics and phonology, identity construction, discourse and grammar

Nicholas Rolle

Nik Rolle Email:
Research interests: General: phonology, prosody/tone/accent, the phonology/morphosyntax interface, language description, areal typology, Nigerian languages and West Africa; Specific: dominance effects in prosody, clitics and post-syntactic movement, areal phonology of the Macro-Sudan Belt in Africa, metrical windows and accent assignment, serial verb constructions; Languages: Esan, Edo, Degema, Urhobo, Edoid, Kalabari, Ijoid, Agwara Kambari, Kainji, Niger-Congo, Niuean, Ese'eja

Ruth Rouvier

Ruth Rouvier Email:
Office: 1305 Dwinelle

Research interests: Historical linguistics, typology, morphology, language contact, areal linguistics
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics R1B

Hannah Sande

Hannah Sande Email:
Office: 1305 Dwinelle
Research interests: Phonology; morphology; the interfaces between syntax, morphology, and phonology; language documentation; computational tools for language documentation; typology; Kru languages; West Africa
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics R1B

Clare Sandy

Clare Sandy Email:
Research interests: Language documentation and description, phonology, morphology, historical linguistics, typology

Katie Sardinha

Katie Sardinha Email:
Research interests: Syntax-semantics interface; Language, cognition & culture; agentivity and causation; semantics of psych verbs and mental concepts; fieldwork methodology; Wakashan languages

Tessa Scott

Tessa Scott Email:
Research interests: syntax; semantics; morphosyntax; typology; fieldwork; East Africa; Bantu languages

Christine Sheil

Christine Sheil Email:
Research interests: Syntax & morphology, agreement, relative clauses. Scottish Gaelic, Garifuna (Arawak)

Alice Shen

Alice Shen Email:
Office: 1307 Dwinelle

Research interests: Phonetics, psycholinguistics, speech perception, bilingualism
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 5

Amalia Horan Skilton

Amalia Skilton Email:
Office: 1309 Dwinelle

Research interests: Tukanoan and other Northwest Amazonian languages, language documentation, historical linguistics, phonology, language contact, verbal art
Fall 2016 teaching: Linguistics 130

Tammy Stark

Tammy Stark Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Connecticut

Research interests: Syntax, historical linguistics, language description and documentation

Elise Stickles

Elise Stickels Email:
Research interests: Cognitive semantics and the relationship between language and thought: spatial and color domains, conceptual metaphor, and mental spaces; co-speech gesture; syntax and semantics of signed languages

Eric Wilbanks

Eric Wilbanks Email:
Research interests: Phonetics and phonology; sociophonetics; language variation and change; laboratory phonology; speech perception and production; Hispanic linguistics