Kenneth Baclawski Jr.

Kenny Baclawski Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle

Research interests: Syntax, sociolinguistics, Southeast Asian and Chamic linguistics
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 130

Geoff Bacon

Geoff Bacon Email:
Office: 1307 Dwinelle
Research interests: Computational linguistics, learnability, language & cognition
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics C146

Nicholas Baier

Nico Baier Email:
Research interests: Syntactic theory; syntax-morphology interface; agreement; typology
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 115

Sarah Bakst

Sarah Bakst Email:
Research interests: Phonetics and phonology, in particular retroflexes (especially in languages of India), motor planning, rhotics, and visual phonetics

Auburn Barron-Lutzross

Auburn Barron-Lutzross Email:
Research interests: Experimental phonetics, sociophonetics, phonetics of gender and sexuality, psycholinguistics, accommodation and convergence, speech and aging, signed languages structure and prosody

Kayla Begay

Kayla Begay Assistant Professor of Native American Studies, Humboldt State University
Research interests: Athabaskan languages, language contact, Native American languages of California, language description and documentation, tense and aspect systems

Will Chang

Will Chang

Research interests: Statistical phylogenetics, Polynesian, statistical learning, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, natural language processing

Andrew Cheng

Andrew Cheng Email:
Research interests: Language documentation, experimental phonetics, sociolinguistics

Emily Clem

Emily Clem Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Research interests:
 Syntax, semantics, morphology, language documentation, typology, areal linguistics; Amahuaca, Tswefap, Bulu
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 120

Meg Cychosz

Meg Cychosz Email:
Research interests: (Socio)phonetics, psycholinguistics: especially bilingual and L2 phonological acquisition

Virginia Dawson

Ginny Dawson Email:
Research interests: Semantics, syntax, morphology; language documentation; Tiwa (Tibeto-Burman)
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 100

Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly Email:
Office: 1305 Dwinelle

Research interests: Sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, phonology, descriptive linguistics, language documentation
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics R1B

Matthew Faytak

Matt Faytak Email:
Research interests: Phonological typology, the actuation of sound change, turbulent sounds, aerodynamics; language documentation and revitalization, lexicography

Karee Garvin

Karee Garvin Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, phonetics-phonology interface, language documentation

Dmetri Hayes

Dmetri Hayes Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Spring 2017 teaching:
Linguistics C160

Noah Hermalin

Noah Hermalin Email:
Research interests: Language and cognition; writing systems and written language

Myriam Lapierre

Myriam Lapierre Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, nasality, language documentation and revitalization, Amazonian languages (especially Jê languages)

Tyler Lau

Tyler Lau Email:
: 1309 Dwinelle
Research interests: 
Historical linguistics, language change, language documentation, Ryukyuan languages
Spring 2017 teaching:
Linguistics 100

Erik Hans Maier

Erik Hans Maier Email:
Research interests: Syntax, semantics, morphology, fieldwork, language documentation and revitalization, verbal art, Karuk, Germanic languages

Jonathan Manker

Jonathan Manker Email:
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, morphology, sound change, historical linguistics, language documentation, language revitalization, acoustics, speech perception, dialectology

Yevgeniy Melguy

Yevgeniy Melguy Email:
Research interests: Phonetics-phonology interface, lab phonology, speech perception/production, bilingualism

John T. M. Merrill

Jack Merrill Email:
Research interests: Historical and comparative linguistics, Niger-Congo

Julia Eileen Nee

Julia Nee Email:
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Research interests: Language documentation, syntax, semantics, Mesoamerican linguistics, language contact, Zapotec (Teotitlán del Valle)
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 121

Kelsey Neely

Kelsey Neely Email:
Research interests: Language documentation, Amazonian linguistics, morphosyntax, language contact. Yaminawa, Nahua (Yora), Yanomami, Máíhɨ̀kì

Zachary O'Hagan

Zachary O'Hagan Email:
Research interests: Language documentation, description, history and contact (Amazonia); historical linguistics; morphosyntax; semantics; information structure
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 100

Eric Heath Prendergast

Eric Prendergast Email:
Research interests: Interfaces between pragmatics and morphosyntax, information structure and packaging, language contact, Balkan languages, Slavic languages

Emily Remirez

Emily Remirez Email:
Research interests: Sociocultural and interactional linguistics, lab phonetics and phonology, identity construction, discourse and grammar

Nicholas Rolle

Nik Rolle Email:
Research interests: General: phonology, prosody/tone/accent, the phonology/morphosyntax interface, language description, areal typology, Nigerian languages and West Africa; Specific: dominance effects in prosody, clitics and post-syntactic movement, areal phonology of the Macro-Sudan Belt in Africa, metrical windows and accent assignment, serial verb constructions; Languages: Esan, Edo, Degema, Urhobo, Edoid, Kalabari, Ijoid, Agwara Kambari, Kainji, Niger-Congo, Niuean, Ese'eja
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 5

Ruth Rouvier

Ruth Rouvier Email:
Research interests: Historical linguistics, typology, morphology, language contact, areal linguistics

Hannah Sande

Hannah Sande Email:
Office: 1305 Dwinelle
Research interests: Phonology; morphology; the interfaces between syntax, morphology, and phonology; language documentation; computational tools for language documentation; typology; Kru languages; West Africa
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 115

Clare Sandy

Clare Sandy

Research interests: Language documentation and description, phonology, morphology, historical linguistics, typology
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics R1B

Katie Sardinha

Katie Sardinha Email:
Research interests: Syntax-semantics interface; Language, cognition & culture; agentivity and causation; semantics of psych verbs and mental concepts; fieldwork methodology; Wakashan languages

Tessa Scott

Tessa Scott Email:
Research interests: syntax; semantics; morphosyntax; typology; fieldwork; East Africa; Bantu languages

Alice Shen

Alice Shen Email:
Office: 1307 Dwinelle

Research interests: Phonetics, psycholinguistics, speech perception, bilingualism
Spring 2017 teaching: Linguistics 100

Amalia Horan Skilton

Amalia Skilton Email:
Research interests: Tukanoan and other Northwest Amazonian languages, language documentation, historical linguistics, phonology, language contact, verbal art

Tammy Stark

Tammy Stark Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Connecticut

Research interests: Syntax, historical linguistics, language description and documentation

Eric Wilbanks

Eric Wilbanks Email:
Research interests: Phonetics and phonology; sociophonetics; language variation and change; laboratory phonology; speech perception and production; Hispanic linguistics