Faculty and Postdoctoral Scholars

Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett Professor of Linguistics, Nadine M. Tang and Bruce L. Smith Professor of Cross-Cultural Social Sciences; Chair, Department of Linguistics
Email: garrett@berkeley.edu
Office: 1218 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Historical linguistics; Indo-European; Karuk, Yurok, and California Indian languages
Fall 2017: Linguistics 130, 201

Gary Holland

Gary Holland Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Email: gholland@berkeley.edu
Office: 1216 Dwinelle Hall
Research: Indo-European linguistics, historical linguistics, history of linguistics, language typology

Larry M. Hyman

Larry M. Hyman Professor of Linguistics; Executive Director, France-Berkeley Fund
Email: hyman@berkeley.edu
Office: 1221 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Phonological theory, language typology, African languages, especially Bantu and other Niger-Congo
Fall 2017: On sabbatical leave

James A. Matisoff

James A. Matisoff Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Email: matisoff@berkeley.edu
Research: Southeast Asian languages, especially Tibeto-Burman and Thai, Chinese, Japanese, field linguistics, Yiddish studies, historical semantics, psychosemantics, language typology, area linguistics

Lev Michael

Lev Michael Associate Professor of Linguistics; Head Graduate Adviser, Department of Linguistics
Email: levmichael@berkeley.edu
Office: 1212 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Anthropological linguistics, language typology, Amazonian documentary, descriptive, and comparative linguistics, language contact, grammar and interaction, prosodic systems and verbal art, language endangerment and revitalization
Fall 2017: Linguistics 240A

Johanna Nichols

Johanna Nichols Professor Emerita of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Email: johanna@berkeley.edu
Research: Historical linguistics; typology, including historical typology; linguistic geography and areal linguistics. Chechen, Ingush, Russian

Richard A. Rhodes

Richard Rhodes Associate Professor of Linguistics; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Interim Director, Canadian Studies Program
Email: rrhodes@berkeley.edu
Office: 1214 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: American Indian languages, grammatical theory, phonology and lexicology
Fall 2017: Linguistics 5

Konrad Rybka

Konrad Rybka

Postdoctoral scholar, Department of Linguistics
Email: K.A.Rybka@uva.nl
Research interests: Patterns of lexical and grammatical borrowing in the indigenous languages of the Guianas

Eve Sweetser

Eve Sweetser Professor of Linguistics; Director, Celtic Studies Program
Email: sweetser@berkeley.edu
Office: 1211 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Semantics, syntax, historical linguistics, Celtic languages, speech act theory, metaphor theory, semantic change, grammaticalization, grammatical meaning, gesture
Fall 2017: Linguistics 40, 123

Graduate students

Kenneth Baclawski Jr.

Kenny Baclawski Email: kbaclawski@berkeley.edu
Office: 1314 Dwinelle

Research interests: Syntax, sociolinguistics, Southeast Asian and Chamic linguistics

Emily Clem

Emily Clem Email: eclem@berkeley.edu
Office: 1312 Dwinelle
Research interests:
 Syntax, semantics, morphology, language documentation, typology, areal linguistics; Amahuaca, Tswefap, Bulu
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 121

Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly Email: edonnelly@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, phonology, descriptive linguistics, language documentation

Matthew Faytak

Matt Faytak Email: mf@berkeley.edu
Office: 1305 Dwinelle
Research interests: Articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, sound change, vowel systems
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics R1B

Edwin Ko

Edwin Ko Email: eddersko@berkeley.edu
Office: TBA

Research interests: Syntax, semantics, morphosyntax, language variation and change, historical and comparative linguistics, language documentation and revitalization, Alaska Native and Native American languages (especially Aleut, Crow, Hidatsa, and Northern Pomo)

Tyler Lau

Tyler Lau Email: tylerlau@berkeley.edu
: 1307 Dwinelle
Research interests: 
Historical linguistics, language change, language documentation, Ryukyuan languages
Fall 2017 teaching:
Linguistics 130

John T. M. Merrill

Jack Merrill Email:  jtmm@berkeley.edu
Office: 1314 Dwinelle

Research interests: Historical and comparative linguistics, Niger-Congo

Zachary O'Hagan

Zachary O'Hagan Email: zohagan@berkeley.edu
Office: 1314 Dwinelle
Research interests: Language documentation, description, history and contact (Amazonia); historical linguistics; morphosyntax; semantics; information structure

Nicholas Rolle

Nik Rolle Email: n.rolle@berkeley.edu
Office: 1219 Dwinelle
Research interests: General: phonology, prosody/tone/accent, the phonology/morphosyntax interface, language description, areal typology, Nigerian languages and West Africa; Specific: dominance effects in prosody, clitics and post-syntactic movement, areal phonology of the Macro-Sudan Belt in Africa, metrical windows and accent assignment, serial verb constructions; Languages: Esan, Edo, Degema, Urhobo, Edoid, Kalabari, Ijoid, Agwara Kambari, Kainji, Niger-Congo, Niuean, Ese'eja
Fall 2017 teaching: Linguistics 375

Ruth Rouvier

Ruth Rouvier Email: rrouvier@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Historical linguistics, typology, morphology, language contact, areal linguistics

Amalia Horan Skilton

Amalia Skilton Email: amalia.skilton@berkeley.edu
Office: 1314 Dwinelle
Research interests: Tukanoan and other Northwest Amazonian languages, language documentation, historical linguistics, phonology, language contact, verbal art

Tammy Stark

Tammy Stark Email: tammystark@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Syntax, historical linguistics, language description and documentation