Fieldwork Forum (FForum)

When? Thursdays 4-5:30PM

Where? 1303 Dwinelle Hall

What? We are a working group dedicated to the critical examination of methodologies in language documentation, description, and revitalization, as well as to the linguistic and ethnohistorical analysis that falls out from that work. Our aim is to learn from and ultimately improve upon methods for carrying out more rigorous, insightful and ethical linguistic and cultural documentation, revitalization, and revival, as well as to help researchers implement those methods.

How? Fieldwork Forum is made possible through a Working Group Grant provided by the Townsend Center for the Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley.

Who? FForum is organized by Julia Nee and Edwin Ko. We welcome all those interested in linguistic fieldwork, with all levels of experience, including those in other departments. To join our mailing list, write to jnee at berkeley dot edu.

See a list of our past talks here

Upcoming Talk

2018.09.27 Martha Schwarz (UC Berkeley)

Preliminary Schedule

2018.08.23 Welcome back!

Join us as we spend our first meeting of the year introducing ourselves and discussing any fieldwork that we have been doing. Whether or not you were recently in the field, join us in welcoming our new colleagues and sharing some light snacks.

2018.08.30 Erica Carson Jr. (Redwood Valley Rancheria)

k'edi wa:dim (Walk Well): Reflections on Learning and Teaching Northern Pomo

In this talk, Erica Carson Jr., a member of the Redwood Valley Rancheria, discusses experiences from her personal journey learning and teaching Northern Pomo, a dormant language of Mendocino County, California.

2018.09.06 California Language Archive 'Archiveathon'

Join us for an hour and a half of archiving fun! We will be accompanied by Ronald Sprouse, Andrew Garrett, Edwin Ko, Zachary O'Hagan, and Julia Nee, among other experienced users of the California Language Archive (CLA), to talk about and answer any questions related to the process of archiving. If you already have a collection, bring your data along and start putting it into the Pre-Archive; we'll answer any questions you have along the way. If you haven't used the CLA before, we'll be there to explain what it's all about and help you set up a collection if you are interested. 

2018.09.13 No meeting

2018.09.20 No meeting

2018.09.27 Martha Schwarz (UC Berkeley)

2018.10.04 Saul Schwartz (UC Berkeley)


4-5:30p.m. Screening of Dizhsa Nabani - Living Language

5:30-6p.m. Q-and-A session with faculty and students in the Indigenous Language Revitalization Designated Emphasis

*Note this meeting is held in the Matrix Conference Room (8th floor of Barrows Hall).

2018.10.18 Andrew Garrett (UC Berkeley) *Note this meeting is part of the GAIL talk series

Yurok rhotic vowels and vowel harmony: Why did it take so long to identify two new phonemes?

2018.10.25 Line Mikkelsen, Beth Piatote, Sean Brown, and Lou Montelongo  (UC Berkeley)

The Many Lives of Indigenous Languages

2018.11.01 Catalina Torres (University of Melbourne)

2018.11.08 Kate Lindsay (Stanford)

2018.11.13 Haley De Korne (University of Oslo) *Note this meeting is at a different time: Tuesday from 4-5:30pm

2018.11.15 Kate Hedges and Leanne Hinton (UC Berkeley) *Note this meeting is part of the GAIL talk series

Konkow Maidu language and texts

2018.11.22 Happy Thanksgiving - No meeting!

2018.11.29 Julia Nee (UC Berkeley)

2018.12.06 Quirina Geary (UC Davis)

2018.12.13 TBD