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Updates from our graduating seniors 2022

May 13, 2022

We wrote to our soon-to-be and recent undergraduate alumni (from 2022 and 2021) for updates on their plans after graduation. Here are the stories they shared with us:

  • Nicholas Ngai (BA 2022) will be starting his master's degree in computer science at UC Berkeley.
  • Dara Gaeuman (BA, fall 2022) will be applying to grad school for Speech Language Pathology programs.
  • Cynthia Zhong (BA 2022) will be starting her Ph.D. in linguistics at MIT this fall.
  • Anjali Kantharuban (BA 2022) will be beginning an MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Cambridge in October 2022. Afterwards, she will do her PhD in Language and Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, studying ways to make natural language computer systems functional on a wider variety of languages and dialects.
  • Irene Yi (BA 2021) will be starting in the Linguistics PhD program at Stanford in the fall.
  • Ivori White (BA 2022) will be moving to Japan in August to teach English. Before she moves she will be practicing her Japanese and napping her days away.
  • Charles Zhang (BA 2021) started a job working on quantum computers in September 2021 and will pursue a further degree in comparative linguistics.
  • Margaret Asperheim (BA 2022) will be starting an MA at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in August.
  • Noah Usman (BA, fall 2021) has started a job as an Insights Associate at Pakistani-American investment firm i2i Ventures, the sister company of startup accelerator Invest2Innovate.
  • Jesus Duarte (BA 2022) will be starting his PhD in Hispanic Linguistics at UCLA in the fall.
  • Carmela Blazado (BA 2021) will begin the Master’s Program for Speech-Language Pathology at University of the Pacific in August 2022.
  • Anna Shim (BA 2022) will be starting at UC Berkeley's BE3 graduate program in education starting June 2022.
  • Tegan Lakshmanan (BA 2022) will be starting her PhD in Math at UC Berkeley in the fall.
  • Grant Brooks Goodman (BA 2022) will be working at SiriusXM/Pandora as a software engineer in August 2022.
  • Cooper Bedin (BA 2022) will be beginning a PhD program in linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara in September.
  • Kevin Yu (BA 2021) will be starting his PhD in linguistics at the University of Florida in fall 2022.

Congratulations, everybody!

Gender in Language Project at Lavender Languages and Linguistics 28

May 10, 2022

Ben Papadopoulos (organizer), eleven of his current or former LRAP apprentices, and Jennifer Kaplan will give a panel publically presenting the Gender in Language Project and its preliminary findings for the first time at Lavender Languages and Linguistics 28 on May 23, 2022 at the University of Catania, Italy. These stellar students are Cooper Bedin, Carmela Blazado, Sol Cintrón, Sebastian Clendenning-Jimenez, Keira Colleluori, Jesus Duarte, Julie Ha, Zaphiel Kiriko Miller, Serah Sim, Chelsea Tang, and Irene Yi. Apart from the panel, four other individual papers from Jennifer, Sebastian & Zaphiel (presenting together), Keira, and Jesus will be presented. Ben and eight of the aforementioned students will soon be travelling to the conference. Information about the panel, as well as the individual papers being presented, may be found here. Congrats, all!

Berkeley linguists present at 29mfm

May 10, 2022

Congrats to the following Berkeley linguists, who will be presenting at the 29th Manchester Phonology Meeting, taking place online from May 25 to 27. More information is available here.

  • Maks Dąbkowski: "A Q-Theoretic solution to A'ingae postlabial raising"
  • Julianne Kapner: "Affixal and default fixed segmentism: New categories for fixed elements in reduplication"
  • Katie Russell: "Nasalization in Atchan: Morpheme-specific harmony"

Additionally, Charles Chang (PhD 2010) will be featured as an invited speaker at a special session on "Second Language Phonology and Phonological Theory."

Russell presents at RFP2022

May 10, 2022

Katherine Russell will be presenting on "Nasalization in Atchan: Sensitivity to morpheme identity" at the 19th meeting of the Réseau Français de Phonologie - French Phonology Network, which is taking place at the University of Porto, Portugal, June 7-9. A provisional program can be found here.

Berkeley linguists @ WCCFL 40

May 10, 2022

The 40th meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 40) will take place virtually this weekend, May 13-15, 2022, and features work by a number of Berkeley linguists!

  • Himidan Hassen (Independent scholar), Peter Jenks, Sharon Rose (UC San Diego): "A'-satisfaction with φ-interaction in Tira"
  • Emily Drummond: "Argument-extraction restrictions do not constrain sluicing"
  • Line Mikkelsen: "Same and different are additive presupposition triggers" (invited talk; joint work with Dan Hardt, Copenhagen Business School)

The full program is available here.

CLA updates

May 8, 2022

Here's the latest from the California Language Archive:

  • Thanks to Ronald Sprouse, we have a new website with a new look! Much of the content remains the same, but there's a new blog, project spotlights, and collection spotlights. The first posts are by Andrew Garrett; graduate students Rebecca Jarvis and Katherine Russell, and their collaborator Timothée Kouadio; and Zachary O'Hagan. We'll be inviting others to contribute in the future. Our catalog and the pre-archive continue to function as before. Stay tuned for more new content in the coming months!