Linguistics Department News (Calques)

Recent Stories

Lederer awarded tenure at SFSU

May 23, 2020

Our alum Jenny Lederer (PhD, 2009) has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of English Language and Literature at San Francisco State University. Congratulations, Jenny!

Survey updates

May 20, 2020

Updates from the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages:

  • Teresa McFarland (PhD 2009) has archived a new collection of field notes, sound recordings, and photographs related to Filomeno Mata Totonac (Totonac-Tepehuan; Veracruz, Mexico), from dissertation fieldwork spanning 2003 to 2009, with additional interviews done by Berkeley undergrads in 2015. We digitized 95 minidiscs (about 135GB), which document a rich research project on many aspects of phonology and morphosyntax, alongside many texts. Each file bundle represents a day, and includes page number references to the field notes and indications of transcriptions of texts.

Beguš joins Berkeley Linguistics

May 14, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Gašper Beguš will be joining Berkeley Linguistics next year!

He writes to say: "I'm absolutely thrilled to join such a wonderful department, meet all the people, and start my research and teaching at Berkeley. Nina is super excited for her CSTMS and Rhetorics appointments as well."

He'll be working remotely in fall 2020 (advising, lab building, and committee service) and then move here to begin teaching in January 2021.