Officers, Committees, Organizers

The Berkeley Linguistics Department is successful because faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students work together in support of our shared goals. Collaborating with staff, faculty serve on department committees and in other leadership positions. Graduate students take the lead in organizing fora and research groups, and represent student interests on committees.

Department officers (2022-23)

  • Chair: Terry Regier
  • Head Graduate Adviser: Susanne Gahl
  • GSI Advisor: Hannah Sande
  • Head Undergraduate Advisor: Peter Jenks
  • Equity Advisor: Amy Rose Deal

Department Staff

  • Department Manager: Susan Luong
  • Graduate Student and Visiting Scholar Services: Johnny Morales Arellano
  • Undergraduate Student Services: Martine Alexander
  • Information Systems Analyst: Ronald Sprouse
  • California Language Archive Manager: Zachary O'Hagan

Committees & Service

  • Graduate Studies: Susanne Gahl (chair), ; Johnny Morales Arellano, ...
  • Undergraduate Studies: Peter Jenks, ...; Martine Alexander
  • Climate: Line Mikkelsen
  • Colloquium: Isaac Bleaman, Andrew Garrett, Shweta Akolkar, Amber Galvano, Emily Drummond
  • Webmaster: Andrew Garrett
  • Calques: Isaac Bleaman
  • @BerkeleyLing: Gašper Beguš, Peter Jenks
  • Industry Liaison: 
  • Academic Job Preparation: 
  • Oswalt Grants: TBA
  • Graduate Student Representatives to faculty meetings: Tessa Scott, Madeline Bossi
  • Graduate Assembly student representative: Tyler Lemon
  • BLS Officer: Alex Elias

Research group organizers

  • Gesture and multi-modality : Eve Sweetser, Schuyler Laparle
  • Fieldwork Forum : Hannah Sande, Zach Wellstood, Anna Björklund
  • Phonetics and Phonology : Keith Johnson (fall), Gašper Beguš (spring), Katherine Russell, Maks Dabkowski
  • Syntax & Semantics Circle : Peter Jenks, Phuong Khuu, Becky Jarvis
  • Language Revitalization Group : Beth Piatote, Julia Nee, Martha Schwartz, Allegra Robertson
  • Sociolinguistics Lab at Berkley (SLaB): Isaac Bleaman, Justin Davidson, Aurora Kane, Ben Papadopoulos