Gašper Beguš

Gašper Beguš Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Email: begus@berkeley.edu
Office: TBA
Research and teaching: Phonology, phonetics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, Indo-European
Fall 2020: Not teaching

Christine Beier

Chris Beier Assistant Adjunct Professor of Linguistics
Email: beiercm@berkeley.edu
Office: 1224 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Language endangerment, vitality, and revitalization; language documentation and description; Amazonian languages
2020-21: On research leave

Isaac L. Bleaman

Isaac Bleaman Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Email: bleaman@berkeley.edu
Office: 1216 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching:  Sociolinguistics, language variation and change, sociophonetics, sociosyntax, corpus methods, language contact, multilingualism, language planning, language and ethnicity, Yiddish, Jewish language varieties
Fall 2020: Linguistics 150, 250A

Amy Rose Deal

Amy Rose Deal Associate Professor of Linguistics
Email: ardeal@berkeley.edu
Office: 1223 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Syntax, semantics, fieldwork, Nez Perce
Fall 2020: Not teaching

Susanne Gahl

Susanne Gahl Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Email: gahl@berkeley.edu
Office: 1220 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Psycholinguistics; language production and comprehension; aphasia
Fall 2020: Not teaching

Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett

Professor of Linguistics, Nadine M. Tang and Bruce L. Smith Professor of Cross-Cultural Social Sciences
Pronouns: he, him, his
Email: garrett@berkeley.edu
Office: 1218 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Historical linguistics; Indo-European; Karuk, Yurok, and California Indian languages
Fall 2020: Linguistics 130, 230

Sherry Hicks

Sherry Hicks Lecturer in Linguistics
Email: sherry.hicks@berkeley.edu
Office: 1224 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: American Sign Language
Fall 2020: Linguistics 1A (sections I-II)

Larry M. Hyman

Larry M. Hyman Professor of Linguistics; Executive Director, France-Berkeley Fund
Email: hyman@berkeley.edu
Office: 1225 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Phonological theory, language typology, African languages, especially Bantu and other Niger-Congo
Fall 2019: Linguistics 5, 211B

Sharon Inkelas

Sharon Inkelas Professor of Linguistics; Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty and Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment
Email: inkelas@berkeley.edu
Office: 1219 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Phonology, morphology, and their interface; child phonology
2020-21: Not teaching

Peter Jenks

Peter Jenks Associate Professor of Linguistics
Email: jenks@berkeley.edu
Office: 1217 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Syntax, semantics, phonology, fieldwork; Moro and other Niger-Congo languages; Thai, Mandarin, and other East and Southeast Asian languages
Fall 2020: Linguistics 100, 220A

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson Professor of Linguistics; Director, PhonLab; Chair, Department of Linguistics
Email: keithjohnson@berkeley.edu
Office: 1222 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Linguistic phonetics, phonetic neuroscience, psycholinguistics
Fall 2020: Linguistics 110

Darya (Даша) Kavitskaya

Darya Kavitskaya Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and of Linguistics
Email: dkavitskaya@berkeley.edu
Office: 6219 Dwinelle
Research and teaching: Slavic, Turkic, Uralic; phonology and phonetics, historical phonology
Fall 2020: Linguistics 111

Susan Lin

Susan Lin Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Email: susanlin@berkeley.edu
Office: 1215 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Articulatory phonetics, speech perception, sound change
Fall 2020: Not teaching

Lev Michael

Lev Michael Professor of Linguistics; Head Graduate Adviser, Department of Linguistics
Email: levmichael@berkeley.edu
Office: 1212 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Anthropological linguistics, language typology, Amazonian documentary, descriptive, and comparative linguistics, language contact, grammar and interaction, prosodic systems and verbal art, language endangerment and revitalization
Fall 2020: Linguistics 240A

Line Mikkelsen

Line Mikkelsen Associate Professor of Linguistics
Email: mikkelsen@berkeley.edu
Office: 1210 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Syntax, semantics, morphology, Danish and other Germanic languages, Karuk and other languages of California, philosophy of language
Fall 2020: Linguistics 200, 251, 375

Prerna Nadathur

Prerna Nadathur Lecturer in Linguistics
Email: pnadathur@berkeley.edu
Office: N/A
Research and teaching: Formal and experimental semantics and pragmatics, lexical semantics, inference, causal reasoning
Fall 2020: Linguistics 121, 181, 290B

Terry Regier

Terry Regier Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Email: firstname dot lastname at berkeley dot edu
Office: 1221 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Language and cognition; semantic variation and universals; computational linguistics
Fall 2020: Linguistics 290L

Richard A. Rhodes

Richard Rhodes Associate Professor of Linguistics; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Co-Director, Canadian Studies Program
Email: rrhodes@berkeley.edu
Office: 1214 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: American Indian languages, grammatical theory, phonology and lexicology
Fall 2020: Linguistics 170

Eve Sweetser

Eve E. Sweetser Professor of Linguistics; Director, Celtic Studies Program
Email: sweetser@berkeley.edu
Office: 1211 Dwinelle Hall
Research and teaching: Semantics, syntax, historical linguistics, Celtic languages, speech act theory, metaphor theory, semantic change, grammaticalization, grammatical meaning, gesture
Fall 2020: Linguistics 201, 205