Lev Michael Advising and Teaching

Current Advisees

Wesley dos Santos

Wesley dos Santos Email: wesleynascimento@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Language documentation and description, historical linguistics, Amazonian languages (especially Kawahiva, a Tupí-Guaraní language)

Myriam Lapierre

Myriam Lapierre Email: myriam.lapierre@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Phonetics, phonology, nasality, language documentation and revitalization, Amazonian languages (especially Jê languages)

Wendy L. A. López Márquez

Email: wendy_lopez@berkeley.edu
Research interests:
Morphosyntax, historical linguistics, language documentation, Mesoamerican linguistics (especially Mixe-Zoquean languages: Highland Popoluca)

Tzintia Montano Ramirez

Tzintia Montano Ramirez Pronouns: she, her, hers
Email: cynthia.montano@berkeley.edu
Research interests: Otomanguean languages, especially Mixtec of Puebla

Allegra Robertson

Email: allegra_robertson@berkeley.edu
Research interests:
Language documentation and revitalization, Amazonian languages, bilingualism, fieldwork

PhD Dissertations Advised

Dissertation Committee Chair

Zachary O'Hagan. Focus in Caquinte (2020) [Co-chair: Line Mikkelsen]

Kelsey Neely. The Linguistic Expression of Affective Stance in Yaminahua (2019)

Amalia Skilton. Spatial and Non-Spatial Deixis in Cushillococha Ticuna (2019) 

Tammy Stark. Caribbean North Arawak Person Marking and Alignment: A Comparative and Diachronic Analysis (2018) [Co-chair: Line Mikkelsen]

Jessica Cleary-Kemp: Serial Verb Constructions Revisited: A Case Study from Koro (2015)

Stephanie Farmer. Establishing reference in Máíhĩ̵̀kì (2015)

Marilola Pérez. Cavite Chabacano Philippine Creole Spanish: Description and Typology (2015)

Dissertation Committee Member

Marjorie Rowe.  Storytelling Comes Alive: Preschoolers’ Development of Narrative Comprehension and Academic Language Within a Participatory Oral Storytelling Intervention (2020) [Chair: David Pearson]

Eric Prendergast. The Origin and Spread of Locative Determiner Omission in the Balkan Linguistic Area. (2017) [Chair: Line Mikkelsen]

Ana Paula Brandão. A Reference Grammar of Paresi-Haliti (Arawak). (2014) [Chair: Patience Epps, UT Austin]

Erin Coyne. Coming Down from the Mountain: Dialect Contact and Convergence in Contemporary Hutsulshchnya. (2014) [Chair: Johanna Nichols]

Iksoo Kwon. Viewpoints in the Korean Verbal Complex: Evidence Perception, Assessment, and Time (2012) [Chair: Eve Sweetser]

Rebecca Cover. Aspect, Modality, and Tense in Badiaranke (2010) [Chair: Line Mikkelsen]

Undergraduate Theses Advised