Calques 2.19

January 30, 2015

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Please send contributions (information and news of departmental interest) to Andrew Garrett.


Congratulations to three colleagues:

  • We have two campus Mellon Project Grants for research in the coming year:
    • Larry Hyman, "Areal Features and Linguistic Reconstruction in Africa"
    • Lev Michael, "Documenting Iquito: Lexicon, morphology, and texts"
  • Terry Regier has been elected to the Governing Board of the Cognitive Science Society.

Conference travel

This new section of Calques will publicize newly published books, book chapters, and journal articles:

Let the editor know about your new work. (No tweets, blog posts, or facebook status updates will be included!)


  • Colloquium (M 3-4:30, 370 Dwinelle)
    • Feb. 2: Scott AnderBois (Brown), "Evidentiality and epistemic modality: the case of conjecturals"
  • CogNetwork (M 1–2:30, B-4 Dwinelle)
  • Fieldwork Forum (Fforum, Th 2–3:30, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Feb. 5: Peter Jenks (Berkeley), "Elicitation and documentation of definiteness and quantification (Part I)"
  • Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum, M 12–1, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Feb. 2: Mark Amengual (UC Santa Cruz), "Robust phonetic discrimination does not guarantee target-like lexical encoding in early bilinguals"
  • Speech Acts and Propositions (Saturday, Jan. 31, 10 am – 7 pm, 234 Moses): a workshop with talks by Pranav Anand, Cleo Condoravdi, John Searle, and Friederike Moltmann