Calques 2.26

March 20, 2015

Awesomeness | Tukanoan | Talks and symposia

Next week is spring break! Even so, please send contributions (information and news of departmental interest) to Andrew Garrett, toiling from afar on your behalf.


Berkeley linguists are the best teachers:

Jess, Lev, and Tammy are awesome (and part of a team!).


This weekend (Saturday-Sunday, March 21-22) there will be a workshop on Western Tukanoan languages in 1303 Dwinelle:

  • Saturday (March 21)
    • 9-10:30: Martine Bruil (UC Berkeley), "Ecuadorian Siona portmanteau verb morphology from a synchronic and diachronic perspective"
    • 11-12:30: Stephanie Farmer (UC Berkeley), "Noun classification in Máíhɨ́ki"
    • 2-3:30: Rosa Vallejos (University of New Mexico), "On the fuzzy boundaries between complex predicates and multiclause constructions: the case of Secoya"
    • 4-5:30: Amalia Skilton (UC Berkeley), "The pragmatics of reversed polarity questions in Máíhɨ́ki"
  • Sunday (March 22)
    • 9-10:30: Lev Michael (UC Berkeley), "Nasal harmony in Máíhɨ́ki and beyond"
    • 11-12:30: Anne Schwarz (Universidad IKIAM), "Reported speech in Secoya: constructions and functions"

Please let Lev Michael know if you plan to attend.

Talks and symposia