Calques 2.29

April 10, 2015

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More talks this week have topics TBA than in any previous issue of Calques. Go Bears!

Conference travel

James A. Matisoff attended a workshop, "Continuum of the Richness of Languages and Dialects in Myanmar", held in Rangoon, Myanmar, on March 25-26 and co-organized by Berkeley PhD Kenneth VanBik. See this link for a news article with an excellent picture!

Newly published

This just in:

  • Hyman, Larry M. Hyman, 2015. "Towards a canonical typology of prosodic systems", in Tono, accento y estructuras métricas en lenguas mexicanas, ed. by Esther Herrera Zendejas (México: El Colegio de México), pp. 13-38