Calques 2.3

September 5, 2014

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Please send contributions (information and news of departmental interest) to Andrew Garrett.



  • to Christine and Eoin Siail, who welcomed a baby girl Phaedra Rose on August 28; and
  • to Larry Hyman, who has been invited to give the 2015 Henry Sweet Lecture at the annual meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain.

Conference abstract deadlines

  • ICAL 13: International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (Taipei, July 18-23)
    • abstract deadline September 15
  • CUSP 7: California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics (UCLA, November 7-8)
    • abstract deadline September 22
  • WSCLA 20: Workshop on the Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas (Univ. of Arizona, January 23-25)
    • abstract deadline October 10
    • "We welcome papers that address diachronic, sociolinguistic, or applied topics from a formal perspective, and we are especially interested in papers seeking to correlate the interests of formal linguists and the concerns of indigenous communities."
  • CSANA 2015: Celtic Studies Association of North America, meeting with the 37th California Celtic Conference (Berkeley, March 5-8)
    • abstract deadline November 20 (submit abstracts by email to Eve Sweetser)
    • "welcomes scholarly presentations on any area of Celtic studies — e.g., Celtic languages, literatures, history, linguistics, folklore, archeology, and art"

Grant deadlines

For everybody

For faculty

For students

Upcoming Talks

CogNetwork (W 1–2:30)

Fieldwork Forum (Fforum, W 11–12, 1303 Dwinelle)

  • September 10: "Debriefing from the summer's fieldwork II"

Group in American Indian Languages (GAIL, occasional W evenings)

  • September 17: "Debriefing from the summer's fieldwork III" (potluck meeting, all are welcome!)

Historical linguistics forum (*dhworom, every other W 3–4, 1229 Dwinelle)

  • September 17: Michael Weiss (Cornell & Berkeley), "The phonetics/phonology of the PIE laryngeals and the name of Cilicia in the Iron Age"

Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum, M 12–1, 223 Dwinelle)

  • September 8: Myfany Turpin (University of Queensland), "Linguistic fieldwork and song"

Sociophonetic Reading Exchange and Discussion (SPREAD, F 1-2, Linguistics lounge)

  • September 5: Introductory meeting

Syntax & Semantics Circle (F 3–4:30, 1303 Dwinelle)

  • September 5: Peter Jenks, "NP and DP in classifier languages"
  • September 12: Syntax Circle Round Robin