Calques 2.33

May 15, 2015

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This is the last issue of Calques for the 2014-15 academic year. For volume 3, scheduled to begin August 21, please send contributions (information and news of departmental interest) to Andrew Garrett. Meanwhile, the editors wish everyone an enjoyable summer of relaxing productivity.


Awesome transitions are herewith noted:

  • Amy Rose Deal will join the Berkeley Department of Linguistics as an Assistant Professor of Linguistics on July 1. Next year she will teach three regular courses:
    • Fall 2015: Linguistics 121, "Logical Semantics"; and a semantics graduate seminar, Linguistics 290B
    • Spring 2016: Linguistics 120, "Introduction to Syntax and Semantics"
    Welcome Amy Rose!
  • Three Berkeley Linguistics graduate students have filed PhD dissertations this week:
    • Chundra Cathcart, "Iranian dialectology and dialectometry"
    • Greg Finley, "Accounting for the phonetic value of nonspeech sounds"
    • Tom Recht, "Verb-initial clauses in Ancient Greek prose: A discourse-pragmatic study"
    Congratulations to Chundra, Greg, and Tom!
  • Ryan Bochnak will move to the University of Manchester to take up a Newton International Fellowship (the most prestigious postdoctoral fellowship in Britain), awarded by the British Academy and the Royal Society. Congratulations to Ryan!

Newly published

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Talks and events

  • Friday, May 15: the previously scheduled historical linguistics forum (*dhworom) meeting is cancelled!
  • Saturday, May 16: Graduation!