Calques 2.4

September 12, 2014

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Please send contributions (information and news of departmental interest) to Andrew Garrett.

Conference travel

Will Chang is presenting a paper on "A vanishing, multiple-gain lexical trait model" at the Workshop Towards a Global Language Phylogeny at the new Max Planck Institute for History and the Sciences in Jena, Germany; also participating is 2012 Berkeley PhD Hannah Haynie.

Deadlines for conference abstracts

Linguistic Contributions to Native California Language Teaching Andrew Garrett, UC Berkeley Friday, October 17 B4 Dwinelle, 3-5 PM Here's another deadline to add: WCCFL 33 Abstract submission deadline: Oct. 21, 2014, 11:59pm PST

Forthcoming Talks

Linguistics colloquia

  • Greville Corbett (Surrey), "Morphosyntactic complexity: The view from canonical typology"
    • Monday, Sept. 22: "Lexical splits" (3–4:30; the colloquium proper, 370 Dwinelle)
    • Tuesday, Sept. 23: "Hybrids" (2:30–4:00, 1229 Dwinelle)
    • Wednesday, Sept. 24: "Gender" (2:30–4:00, 1229 Dwinelle)
  • Oct. 6: Sharon Inkelas

Other talks

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