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October 17, 2014

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Congratulations to us! At this January's meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas in Portland, there will be seven talks and one organized session by current Berkeley linguists — more than from any other college or university.

  • Kayla Carpenter and Justin Spence (UC Davis), "Beyond words: Enhancing a learner's dictionary with texts in Hupa (Athabaskan)"
  • "Dictionaries, text editions, and corpora: Ensuring value for multiple stakeholders", session organized by Andrew Garrett and Joana Jansen (Oregon)
  • Andrew Garrett, Erik Maier, Line Mikkelsen, and Clare Sandy, "Exploring Karuk morphology in a parsed text corpus"
  • Lev Michael, "The prosodic system of Iquito as a mixed tone-stress system"
  • Zachary O'Hagan, "The grammaticalization of purpose clause markers in Proto-Omagua-Kokama"
  • Richard Rhodes, "The semantics of Algonquian motion verbs"
  • Amalia Skilton, "Structural change under language obsolescence in an Amazonian speech community"
  • Amalia Skilton and Stephanie Farmer, "Máíhiki serial verb constructions challenge the typology of one-word serial verbs"


Yang Xu is a postdoctoral researcher working with Terry Regier in the Language and Cognition Lab. Dr. Xu obtained his PhD in machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University, developing computational methods for brain imaging and using these methods to study the neural basis of visual category learning. His present work explores computational principles underlying systems of semantic categories across languages, with a current focus on numeral systems. He is also interested in semantic change. Welcome to Berkeley!


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