Calques 3.1

August 21, 2015

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Calques is a weekly newsletter that's only as informative as your contributions. Please send information and news of departmental interest to Andrew Garrett, currently traveling at 36,000 feet with the Calques editorial staff.


Three Berkeley Linguistics graduate students filed PhD dissertations since the last issue of Calques: congratulations and best wishes to I-Hsuan, Emily, Jess, and Steph!

Meanwhile, welcome to our entering first-year graduate class:

  • Margaret Cychosz
  • Dmetri Hayes
  • Tyler Lau
  • Julia Nee
  • Emily Remirez

Berkeley has two new (permanent or temporary) Linguistics faculty members: welcome Amy Rose and Steven!

  • Amy Rose Deal has joined us as an Assistant Professor of Linguistics.
  • Steven Bird is a Visiting Professor of Linguistics this fall.

Meanwhile, Chris Beier and Lev Michael are spending most of the 2015-16 academic year working in Peru on the Iquito language, with the support of fellowships from the  National Endowment for the Humanities.


Linguistics Fall Meeting and Reception: everybody is invited!

  • Monday, August 24, 3 pm, 370 Dwinelle
  • Refreshments will be served after the meeting; finger food donations are welcome.

Meanwhile, have an awesome weekend. The Calques editorial staff sure will!

Fall classes


  • Lx 1A: American Sign Language I (Hicks)
  • Lx R1B: Endangered Languages (Rouvier, Sandy)
  • Lx 5: Language and Linguistics (Hyman)
  • Lx 24: Language Myths (Hyman)


  • Lx 100: Introduction to Linguistic Science (Garrett)
  • Lx 106: Metaphor (Sweetser)
  • Lx 110: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (Lin)
  • Lx 121: Logical Semantics (Deal)
  • Lx 123: Pragmatics: Lakoff
  • Lx 130: Comparative and Historical Linguistics (Holland)
  • Lx C137: Introduction to Slavic Linguistics (Kavitskaya)
  • Lx 170: History and Structure of Sanskrit (Holland)
  • Lx 175: American Indian Languages (Rhodes)


  • Lx 200 and 201A: Proseminar (Gahl)
  • Lx 201B: Advanced Proseminar (Mikkelsen)
  • Lx 205: Advanced Cognitive Linguistics (Lakoff)
  • Lx 208: Psycholinguistics (Gahl and Johnson)
  • Lx 215: Advanced Morphology (Inkelas)
  • Lx 220A: Syntax and Semantics I (Mikkelsen)
  • Lx 240A: Field Methods (Bird and Hyman)
  • Lx 290B: Seminar on Semantic Variation (Deal)
  • Lx 290E: Seminar on Phonology (Johnson)

Summer conference travel

13th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (July, Newcastle-on-Tyne)

  • Oana David, Elise Stickles, and Ellen Dodge, "Metonymy, metaphors and constructions in a corpus-based Embodied Construction Grammar framework"
  • Elise Stickles and Tasha Lewis, "The effects of stimulus modality on interpretation of ambiguous temporal metaphors"
  • I-Hsuan Chen, "Scalarity Encoded in Mandarin Chinese Minimizers through Constructional Association"
  • Eve Sweetser, "Metaphor and iconicity in advertising viewpoint: Dividing modalities and conquering the audience?"
  • Eve Sweetser and Isaac Smith, "Conditional constructions, gestural space, and mental spaces"

50th International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages (August, Vancouver)

  • Katherine "Katie" Sardinha, "Kwak'wala Weather Predicates"

International Conference on Phonetic Sciences (August, Glasgow)

  • Sarah Bakst and Susan Lin: "An ultrasound investigation of articulatory variation in American /r/ and /s/"
  • Matthew Faytak and Susan Lin, "Articulatory variability and fricative noise in apical vowels"
  • Susan Lin, Mark Harvey, Myfany Turpin, Alison Ross, and Katherine Demuth: "The articulation of contrastive and non-contrastive pre-stopped consonants in Kaytetye"

World Congress of African Linguistics (August, Kyoto)

  • Emily Clem and Jefferson Barlew, "Two Bantu augment morphemes or one: Evidence from Bulu"
  • Matthew Faytak, "High vowel fricativization as an areal feature of the northern Cameroon Grassfields"
  • Larry M. "Larry" Hyman, Peter Jenks, Geoffrey "Geoff" Bacon, Nicholas "Nico" Baier, Emily Clem, Matthew "Matt" Faytak, Spencer "Spence" Lamoureux, Florian "Floriã" Lamoureux, John "Jack" Merrill, and Nicholas "Nico" Rolle, "Areal features and linguistic reconstruction in Africa"
  • Florian Lionnet, "More than reported speech: Quotative evidentiality in Laal"
  • Florian Lionnet, "The Avertive Marker cé~sé in NorthCentral !Xuun (Ju, Kx'a)"
  • Florian Lionnet and Spencer Lamoureux, "Templatic phonology and morphology: an areal feature of Northern sub-Saharan Africa?"
  • Nicholas Rolle, "An areal typology of nasal vowel systems in West Africa"
  • Hannah "Hanna" Sande and Nicholas Baier, "The left periphery in Guébie"

48th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (August, Santa Barbara)

  • I-Hsuan Chen, "NPI Distribution Constrained by Information Structures in Mandarin Chinese"
  • Virginia "Ginny" Dawson, "Discourse Marking Strategies in Tiwa"
  • J. B. Lowe, "A Statistical Characterization of the Phonotactics of Tibeto-Burman Languages Based on a Large Lexical Corpus"
  • James Matisoff, "The So-Called Prefixes of TibetoBurman, & Why They Are So Called"

We hope everybody had a great time.

Drag shows

Club Inferno, a glam-rock musical based on the Divine Comedy, now held over through September 12!