Calques 3.13

November 13, 2015

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Two Berkeley faculty members have been elected to high offices in the Linguistic Society of America:

  • Larry M. Hyman has elected Vice President and President-Elect of the LSA. He will be President in 2017 and will give the LSA Presidential Address at the January 2017 Annual Meeting in Austin. The Calques offices will be closed for the occasion while the editors make a nostalgic trip to Texas.
  • Sharon Inkelas has been elected as an at-large member of the LSA Executive Committee, for a three-year term beginning in January 2016.

Congratulations, Larry and Sharon!

Funding opportunities

On Thursday, November 19, UC Berkeley will have its annual Big Give, a 24-hour fundraising blitz. You can give to Linguistics at this easy link — on Nov. 19 or at any time! Gifts support undergraduate and graduate student research and common-good research and teaching infrastructure.

Talks and events