Calques 3.30

April 29, 2016

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Next week's edition of Calques is the last of this academic year. Please send information and news of departmental interest to Andrew Garrett.


Graduation is coming up! The Linguistics ceremony will be held in Zellerbach Playhouse on Saturday, May 14, beginning at 2 pm. Tickets are required (and are available only to graduates and families).

Talks and events


Berkeley linguists are sharing their ideas far and wide. In Austin, the Linguistic Society of America Executive Committee meeting is being attended by Sharon Inkelas and LSA Vice President Larry Hyman. And in the twin cities of fen and brine, Cambridge and Salt Lake City, two of our syntax wizards are talking about their agreeable, discriminating ideas:

  • Nico Baier, "The Uniformity of Anti-Agreement and Wh-Agreement", CamCoS 5 (Cambridge Comparative Syntax), May 6
  • Amy Rose Deal, "Syntactic ergativity as case discrimination", WCCFL 34 (West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics), April 30

Closer to home, on May 6, four members of Team Awesome will be presenting their work at SULA 9 (Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas) in Santa Cruz:

  • Amy Rose Deal, "Legacy documentation: What can we learn?"
  • Andrew Garrett, "Cooking texts: Corpora and linguistic analysis"
  • Line Mikkelsen, "Contrastive Topic in Karuk"
  • Katie Sardinha, "The semantics of object case alternations in Kwaḱwala and what it tells us about manner-result complementarity"