Calques 3.5

September 18, 2015

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Congratulations to the 17 Berkeley authors of 17 accepted abstracts for presentations (talks and posters) at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, listed below. Berkeley has more LSA presentations than any other university* that the editors checked!

  • Kenneth Baclawski Jr.: "Multiple Fronting Restrictions in Eastern Cham: An [ID]-Feature Account"
  • Nico Baier: "Deriving Partial Anti-Agreement"
  • Sarah Bakst: "Variability in /s/ production as a function of palate shape"
  • I-Hsuan Chen: "Scalar Inferences of Mandarin Numeral-classifier Phrases Shaped by Diachronic Changes in Word Order"
  • Oana David: "A frame semantic approach to the interpretation of null arguments in English and Spanish"
  • Justin Davidson: "Rethinking the Endogenous vs. Language Contact Dichotomy in Language Change: Contact-induced Innovation in the Catalan-Spanish Bilingual Community"
  • Jevon Heath and Melinda Fricke (Pennsylvania State University): "Perceiving vocal similarity in the AXB paradigm: A study in non-accommodation"
  • Jonah Katz (West Virginia University) and Sarah Lee: "Cue integration and fricative perception in Seoul Korean"
  • Spencer Lamoureux and Kenneth Baclawski Jr.: "Does Aymara Have Subtractive Case Morphology?" (winner of the AAW award!)
  • John Merrill: "Consonant Mutation and Initial Prominence: The Historical Loss of Lexical Contrastiveness"
  • Tyler Lau: "Modeling the Gender System Mergers from Latin to Romance"
  • Florian Lionnet: "A theory of subfeatural representations in phonology"
  • Christine Sheil: "Focus via Backgrounding: the Scottish Gaelic Propositional Cleft"
  • Stephanie Shih (UC Merced) and Sharon Inkelas: "Multilevel MaxEnt grammars for probabilistic morphologically-conditioned tonotactics"
  • Amalia Skilton: "Uvular-triggered harmony in Aymara as Agreement by Correspondence"
  • Tammy Stark: "Cyclic grammaticalization in Caribbean Northern Arawak suffixal person markers"
  • Elise Stickles and Ellen Dodge (ICSI): "Literal vs. figurative language use affects the frequency of syntactic patterns"

*However, the editors only checked Stanford, with 14; and MIT, with 9, two of which are by people who used to be at Berkeley. The editors then ran out of time. (Also, the AAW award is the Authors' Awesome Websites award.)


The year's first Inkling — a monthly social hour (and a half) with tea, coffee, and potluck treats — will take place on Monday, September 28, from 3:30 to 5 pm in 1229 Dwinelle. All are welcome.

If your surname begins with the letters A through E, we encourage you to bring a treat if you have a chance. (The Inklings are named in honor of erstwhile Chair Inkelas, who instituted such a tradition of social hours that brought colleagues and friends together to talk about work, life, ideas, and the pursuit of happiness.)

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