Calques 4.2

September 2, 2016

Lydgate, manuscript, "Damage and destruction in realmes"

Awesomeness | Talks and events

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As usual, Berkeley rules at the North East Linguistic Society. Five abstracts from five Berkeley linguists were accepted for NELS 47, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, October 14-16:

Congratulations to all! After your presentations, your respective audiences will surely be able to say, with Lydgate, "Thy problem fully is exponed" (Siege of Thebes 736).

Talks and events

  • Friday, September 2
  • Tuesday, September 6
  • Wednesday, September 7
    • 5–6: Society of Linguistics Undergraduate Students (SLUgS, 1229 Dwinelle)
  • Thursday, September 8
    • 8:30–4: Speech Engineering and Computational Neuroscience of Speech (SECNS '16, Byers Auditorium, Genentech Hall, UC San Francisco Mission Bay)
    • 12:30–2: GoOD InTEnSIOnS (Semantics reading group, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • 12:30–2: Historical linguistics forum, reading discussion on sound change: Hombert et al. 1979 (*dhworom, 3401 Dwinelle)
  • Friday, September 9