CLA updates

January 15, 2023

Here's the latest from the California Language Archive:

  • Toward the end of December, we released our first newsletter! If you are on the ling-dept email list, you received it, but consider subscribing individually.
  • We digitized an important VHS recording of Milton "Bun" Lucas telling stories in Kashaya (Pomoan; CA) in 1993. Mr. Lucas was also the language consultant for the 1989-1990 graduate field methods course.
  • We accessioned the John H. Davis Collection of Materials on the Sliammon Language, currently consisting of 1,369 pages of original field notes on ʔayajuθəm, also known as Mainland Comox (Salishan; WA, British Columbia). The notes were donated by linguist John Davis in November, and feature work with speakers Mary George, Noel George Harry, and Tommy Paul, among many others. In the future, we will digitize reel-to-reel tapes, combine them with those already in the John H. Davis Collection of Sliammon Sound Recordings, and merge them into this collection.
  • We accessioned the Heather Hardy Collection of Tolkapaya Yavapai Language Materials, consisting of field notes, dissertation notes, and lexical file slips related to this Yuman language of Arizona. The materials were donated by Heather Hardy in August 2021, and feature work with speaker Molly Fasthorse. In the future, we will digitize cassette tapes, and add them as another series to this collection. Prof. Hardy began working with Mrs. Fasthorse as part of a UCLA graduate field methods course in the mid-1970s.
  • We accessioned three collections related to Berkeley field methods courses taught by Richard Rhodes from the late 1980s: