Kavitskaya and Yu coedit book, "The Life Cycle of Language"

November 30, 2023

Darya Kavitskaya and Alan C. L. Yu (Berkeley PhD 2003) have coedited a new book, The Life Cycle of Language: Past, Present, and Future (Oxford University Press), dedicated to Andrew Garrett and with numerous Berkeley contributors (among others):

  • Molly Babel (PhD 2009) and Melinda Fricke (PhD 2013): "Sound structure and the psycholinguistics of language contact"
  • Christine Beier (faculty) and Lev Michael (faculty): "Community-participatory orthography development in the Máíjùnà communities of Peruvian Amazonia"
  • Juliette Blevins (visiting faculty, 2002-4): "PIE *meh2- 'grow, be fruitful' and Proto-Basque *ma, *maha 'fruit': An apple by any other name..."
  • Gabriela Caballero (PhD 2008): "Tone and morphological structure in a documentation-based grammar of Choguita Rarámuri"
  • Chundra Cathcart (PhD 2015): "Paradigmatic heterogeneity and homogenization: Probing Paul's principle"
  • Lisa Conathan (PhD 2004): "The material and the textual in documentation of Native American languages"
  • Alice Gaby (faculty, 2007-10) : "The life cycle of the Kuuk Thaayorre desiderative"
  • David Goldstein (PhD 2010): "Toward a non-teleological account of demonstrative reinforcement"
  • Jeff Good (PhD 2003): "Language change in small-scale multilingual societies: Trees, waves, and magnets?"
  • Hannah J. Haynie (PhD 2012) and Maziar Toosarvandani (PhD 2010): "The structure of dialect diversity in Mono: Evidence from the Sydney M. Lamb papers"
  • Larry M. Hyman (faculty): "The fall and rise of vowel length in Bantu"
  • Jay H. Jasanoff (faculty, 1969-70): "Greek ἔγνωκα and the perfect of PIE *ǵneh3 'know'"
  • Matthew L. Juge (PhD 2002): "Increasing morphological mismatch via category loss: The Spanish future subjunctive"
  • Darya Kavitskaya (faculty) and Adam McCollum: "The rise and fall of rounding harmony in Turkic"
  • Mary Paster (PhD 2006): Akan morphological 'reversal' in historical context"
  • Clare S. Sandy (PhD 2017): "Recovering prosody from Karuk texts: Deciphering J. P. Harrington's diacritics"
  • Justin Spence (PhD 2013): "Stylistic differentiation in California Dene texts"
  • Donca Steriade (faculty, 1982-84): "Paradigm structure in Sanskrit reduplicants"
  • Alan C. L. Yu (PhD 2003), Carol K. S. To, and Yao Yao (PhD 2011): "Child-directed speech as a potential source of phonetic precursor enhancement in sound change: Evidence from Cantonese"

Congratulations to all concerned!