Interaction and satisfaction in φ-agreement


A probe H interacts with feature F by copying F back to H. A probe H is satisfied by feature G iff copying G back to H terminates further probing for G by H. In this short paper, I introduce the distinction between interaction and satisfaction and give an argument that interaction and satisfaction features need not be the same. A probe may interact with the entire phi-set even though it is only satisfied by one particular phi-feature. Empirical evidence comes from complementizer agreement in Nez Perce, where the C probe interacts with all phi-features but is only satisfied by the feature [ADDRESSEE].

Publication date: 
January 1, 2015
Publication type: 
Recent Publication
Deal, Amy Rose. 2015. Interaction and satisfaction in φ-agreement. In Thuy Bui and Deniz Ozyildiz (eds.), Proceedings of NELS 45, Volume 1, pp. 179-192. Amherst: GLSA.