The Berkeley Linguistics Department is successful because faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students work together in support of our shared goals. Collaborating with staff, faculty serve on department committees and in other leadership positions. First-year graduate students serve on the Colloquium Committee; second-year graduate students organize the Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society; and third- and fourth-year graduate students take the lead in organizing fora and research groups, and representing student interests on committees.

Department officers 2017-18

  • Chair: Andrew Garrett
  • Head Graduate Adviser: Lev Michael
  • GSI Advisor: Sharon Inkelas
  • Head Undergraduate Advisor: Peter Jenks
  • Equity Advisor: Eve Sweetser

Faculty and student committees 2017-18

  • ASL Program: Eve Sweetser
  • Climate: Susan Lin (chair), Christine Beier; Karee Garvin, Tyler Lau, Emily Remirez
  • Colloquium: Line Mikkelsen (chair), Terry Regier; Edwin Ko, Schuyler Laparle, Tyler Lemon, Martha Schwarz
  • Curriculum: Susanne Gahl (chair), Line Mikkelsen, Eve Sweetser, Larry Hyman (spring); Geoff Bacon, Amalia Skilton
  • Graduate Admissions: Lev Michael (chair), Amy Rose Deal, Terry Regier, Eve Sweetser; Belén Flores
  • Oswalt Grants: Peter Jenks (chair), Christine Beier, Darya Kavitskaya
  • Sawyer Fellowship: Susanne Gahl (chair), Peter Jenks, Rick Kern
  • Placement: Amy Rose Deal (chair), Lev Michael; Emily Clem, Nik Rolle
  • Public Relations: Andrew Garrett (chair), Christine Beier; Paula Floro
  • Research Infrastructure: Richard Rhodes (chair), Andrew Garrett; Ronald Sprouse; student members TBA
  • Undergraduate Advising: Peter Jenks (chair), Susanne Gahl, Richard Rhodes; Martine Alexander
  • Graduate student representatives to faculty meetings: Dmetri Hayes, Emily Remirez
  • Graduate Assembly student representative: Tessa Scott, Meg Cychosz
  • Search committee, Historical linguistics or Language in social context: Andrew Garrett (chair), Susan Lin, Lev Michael; Kenneth Baclawski Jr., Auburn Barron-Lutzross, Amalia Skilton
  • Search committee, Phonology (2-year lecturer): Peter Jenks (chair), Sharon Inkelas, Darya Kavitskaya; Karee Garvin, Myriam Lapierre

Forum and group organizers 2017-18

  • Berkeley Linguistics Society: Karee Garvin, Noah Hermalin, Myriam Lapierre, Yevgeniy Melguy, Tessa Scott, Eric Wilbanks
  • CogNetwork: TBA
  • Computational & Experimental Methods Group: Geoff Bacon
  • Fieldwork Forum (Fforum): Julia Nee
  • Historical Linguistics Forum (*dhworom): TBA
  • Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum): Andrew Cheng, Alice Shen
  • Sociophonetic Research Exchange and Discussion (SPREAD): Auburn Barron-Lutzross
  • Syntax & Semantics Circle: Virginia Dawson, Erik H. Maier
  • Society of Linguistics Undergraduate Students: Akshay Aitha, Amelia Fineberg, Anastasia Miller-Youst, Cassandra Serrano, Claudia Valdivia

Labs and research units

  • California Language Archive & Survey of California and Other Indian Languages: Andrew Garrett
  • Fieldwork Lab: Peter Jenks, Lev Michael
  • Language and Cognition Lab: Terry Regier
  • PhonLab: Susan Lin (acting director); Ronald Sprouse