Christine Beier: Current Courses

Fall 2018. Linguistics 170: History, structure, and sociolinguistics of Iquito

This class takes an exploratory approach to the history, structure, and sociolinguistics of Iquito, a highly endangered Zaparoan language of northern Peruvian Amazonia. Iquito is a little-described, highly endangered language with which I have been doing language documentation, description, and revitalization fieldwork since 2001. Therefore, on the one hand, there isn't much material published on or about Iquito so far. On the other hand, I have a wealth of data and knowledge about Iquito, and that is the foundation for this class. My approach to this class is to offer students a hands-on, fieldwork-like approach to Iquito, in which students work closely with original data, principally in the form of an extensive collection texts, and also collaborate with one another in a variety of ways, in order to discover fascinating facets of the Iquito language. Last but not least, students learn to speak some Iquito, in order that this language not fall silent quite so soon as it otherwise might have.