Calques 2.10

October 24, 2014

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Bon voyage

Best wishes to Berkeley students and faculty giving talks at NELS 45 (at a technology institute in Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 31 — Nov. 2): break a leg!

  • Nico Baier, "Adjective agreement in Noon: Evidence for a split theory of noun-modifier concord"
  • Ryan Bochnak, "Variable force modality in Washo"
  • Chundra Cathcart, "A probabilistic model of Evolutionary Phonology"
  • Sharon Inkelas (with Tara McAllister Byun and Yvan Rose), "Parallels in speech acquisition and loss as evidence for a grammar of articulatory reliability


  • Colloquium (M 3-4:30)
    • Oct. 27: Patience Epps (University of Texas at Austin), "Contact and diversity: Tracing multilingual interaction in Amazonian prehistory"
  • CogNetwork (W 11:30–3, 1229 Dwinelle)
    • Oct. 29: CSDL Practice Talks (Oana David; Elise Stickles, Ellen Dodge & Jisup Hong; Karie Moorman; Matt Goss; Eve Sweetser, Oana David, Seiko Fujii & Paula Radetsky; André Coneglian & Maria Helena de Moura Neves)
  • Fieldwork Forum (Fforum, W 11–12, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Oct. 29: Patience Epps (University of Texas at Austin), "Specialist discourse and language change: observations from the northwest Amazon"
  • Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences (ICBS seminar, F 11–12:30, 5101 Tolman)
    • Oct. 24: Reza Shadmehr (Johns Hopkins), "A memory of errors in sensorimotor learning"
  • Linguistic Anthropology Working Group (F 4-6, Gifford Room, 221 Kroeber Hall)
    • Oct. 24: Daniel Fisher (Berkeley), " 'You Mob Listen!': Mediatization, animation, and the voice in Northern Australia"
  • Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum, M 12–1, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Oct. 27: Martin Kohlberger (Leiden), "Phonetic evidence for gradience: Spanish resyllabification and voicing reconsidered"
  • Sociophonetic Reading Exchange and Discussion (SPREAD, F 1-2, 1303 Dwinelle)
  • Syntax & Semantics Circle (F 3–4:30, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Oct. 24: NELS practice talks (Nico Baier; Ryan Bochnak)
    • Oct. 31: Lelia Glass (Stanford)

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