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February 20, 2015

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Conference travel

Aloha! Next week's 4th International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation features ten talks by eleven Berkeley faculty and grad students:

  • Kari Chew & Katie Keliiaa, "Indigenous graduate students studying heritage languages at universities: A collaborative autoethnography"
  • Erin Donnelly & Jorge Beltrán Luna, "Designing and teaching a practical orthography of Nigromante Zapotec"
  • Andrew Garrett & Line Mikkelsen, "Documenting, analyzing, and teaching the grammar of direction in Karuk"
  • Peter Jenks, "Elicitation and Documentation of Definiteness & Quantification" (invited master class)
  • Jonathan Manker, "Video documentation of critically endangered languages"
  • Lev Michael, "Elicitation and Documentation of Evidentiality" (invited master class)
  • Zachary O'Hagan, "Language attrition or language change? A case study of an Omagua idiolect"
  • Clare Sandy & Line Mikkelsen, "Punctuation is prosody: Making historic transcriptions of Karuk accessible for revitalization and research"
  • Katie Sardinha, "Real and fictional referents in linguistic feldwork"
  • Amalia Skilton, "Three speakers, four dialects: Documenting variation in an endangered Amazonian language"

There will be four practice talks from 10 am – 12 noon today (Friday, Feb. 20) in 1229 Dwinelle: first Sandy & Mikkelsen, then O'Hagan, then Sardinha, then Skilton.


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