Calques 2.23

February 27, 2015

Awesomeness | Celtic! | Talks

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The Duchess of Cambridge gives two thumbs up to Will Chang and Chundra Cathcart for their latest research! Royal congratulations to them both.


The 37th California Celtic Conference and the 2015 Celtic Studies Association of North America meeting will take place at Berkeley on >Thursday-Sunday, March 5-8, in Dwinelle 370. The full program is here, including linguistic talks on Welsh mythological names, translation, Breton dialects and grammar, information structure in Gaulish—not to mention Celtic history and literature generally! The conference is free and open to the public.


  • CogNetwork (M 1–2:30, B-4 Dwinelle)
    • March 2: Anna Jurgensen (UC Berkeley), "Polysemy of Georgian preverb gada-: The story's not quite over"
  • Fieldwork Forum (Fforum, Th 2–3:30, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • March 5: Katie Sardinha (UC Berkeley), "Real and fictional referents in linguistic fieldwork"
  • Phonetics and Phonology Forum (Phorum, M 12–1, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Jan. 26: Matthias Sjerps (UC Berkeley), "The initiation of speech planning in turn-taking"
  • Sociophonetic Reading Exchange and Discussion (SPREAD, F 1-2, 1303 Dwinelle)
  • Spanish and Portugese linguistics talks (W 12-1:30, 5125 Dwinelle)
    • March 5: Justin Davidson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "Towards an Empirical Examination of Phonetic Contact Innovations: [ł] and Intervocalic [z] in Barcelonan Spanish"
  • Syntax & Semantics Circle (F 3:30–5, 1303 Dwinelle)
    • Feb. 27 (Cal S&S-Fest): Richard Rhodes on Ojibwe bipartite verb structure and valence; Spencer Lamoureux, "Multiple Copy Spell-Out as Constraint Interaction in Wandala (Central Chadic)"; and Nico Baier, "An Overview of Cross-Linguistic Variation in Anti-Agreement"
    • March 6: TBD
  • Wášiw ʔítlu: Community Narratives on Heritage Language Revitalization & History (Tu March 3, 12:30-2, 554 Barrows)
    • Washoe language activists and historians will speak at a presentation and community dialogue on the project of Wášiw history and language revitalization.