Calques 4.1

August 26, 2016

Awesomeness | Transitions | Fall classes | Talks and events

Welcome back for the fall semester! Calques is a weekly newsletter that's only as informative as your contributions. Please send information and news of departmental interest to Andrew Garrett.


Great news for two graduate students:

Congratulations, Matt and Sarah!


Two Berkeley Linguistics graduate students have filed PhD dissertations (and taken up positions at other UC campuses) since the last issue of Calques: congratulations and best wishes to Oana and Roslyn!

Meanwhile, welcome to our entering first-year graduate class:

  • Karee Garvin
  • Noah Hermalin
  • Myriam Lapierre
  • Yevgeniy Melguy
  • Tessa Scott
  • Eric Wilbanks

Faculty transitions:

Welcome Chris; and Amy Rose and Gary, we hope you have enjoyable and productive leaves!

Fall classes


  • Lx 1A: American Sign Language I (Hicks)
  • Lx R1B: Endangered Languages (Rouvier, Sande)
  • Lx 5: Language and Linguistics (Hyman)
  • Lx 24: Language Myths (Hyman, Inkelas)


  • Lx 100: Introduction to Linguistic Science (Lin and Mikkelsen)
  • Lx 106: Metaphor (Sweetser)
  • Lx 110: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (Johnson)
  • Lx 128: Linguistic Analysis of Literature (Sweetser)
  • Lx 130: Comparative and Historical Linguistics (Garrett)
  • Lx 140: Introduction to Field Methods (Hyman)
  • Lx 148: Phonological Development (Inkelas)
  • Lx 154: Language Revitalization: Theory and Practice (Beier)
  • Lx 170: History, Structure, and Sociolinguistics of Ojibwe (Rhodes)


  • Lx 200: Proseminar (Gahl)
  • Lx 201: Advanced Proseminar (Mikkelsen)
  • Lx 208: Psycholinguistics (Gahl)
  • Lx 221B: Topics in Phonological Theory: Contrast (Kavitskaya)
  • Lx 220A: Syntax and Semantics I (Jenks)
  • Lx 240A: Field Methods (Michael)
  • Lx 245: Anthropological Linguistics (Michael)
  • Lx 290A: Seminar on Relative Clauses (Jenks)

Talks and events