Calques 4.12

November 11, 2016

Veterans Day|Big Give|Talks and Events

Please send information and news of departmental interest toAndrew Garrett.

Veterans Day

TheCalqueseditors wish everybody well today, on Veterans Day. It's a good day to remember the central and necessary role of linguistic and cultural diversity and inclusion in the US, and our ongoing fight for those goals. At the National Museum of the American Indian, there's ashort web introductionto the vital part played in two world wars by American Indians speaking Cherokee, Choctaw, Comanche, Hopi, Meskwaki, and (most famously) Navajo. Check it out!

Big Give

We seek the support of our friends in Berkeley'sBig GiveonThursday, November 17. Big Give is an annual online fundraising event that gives all of us in Cal's extended community the opportunity to support our university through gifts to the programs and schools we care about the most. Last year Linguistics raised over $6,000, mostly from small donations. This year, we'd love to raise $10,000 or even more in this one-day fundraising event. Big Give begins at 9 pm (Pacific time) on Wednesday, November 16, and continues through 9 pm on Thursday, November 17. The link for Big Give donations ishere.

Talks and Events