CLA updates

August 30, 2021

Here's the latest from the California Language Archive:

  • Anthropologist Fernando Santos-Granero (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) archived a new collection related to his fieldwork with speakers of Yanesha' (Arawak; Peru) between 1977 and 1984. The collection consists of over 75 sound recordings of interviews, stories, myths, and songs, together with many photographs. Transcriptions and translations will be added at a later date.
  • We released a new collection of recordings and field notes from the 2020-2021 graduate field methods on Paraguayan Guaraní (Tupian; Paraguay) taught by Lev Michael, with language consultants María Gómez and Irma Ovelar.
  • We reorganized materials related to the 1983-1984 graduate field methods course on Hopi (Uto-Aztecan; Arizona) into a new collection. The class was taught by Leanne Hinton, with language consultants Roy Albert and Bob Namoki.
  • Esther Ramer (PhD Ancient Greek & Roman Studies 2021) archived a sound recording (with transcription and translation) of a story, 'The Settling of MacDowell Lake,' told by Albert James, and transcribed and translated by Ivan Ramer.
  • We digitized Yuen Ren Chao's (1967) lecture Dimensions of Fidelity in Translation, the 54th Annual Faculty Research Lecture, sponsored by the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate and hosted by Chancellor Roger Heyns.