Linguistics events this week (Sep 17-24, 2021)

September 17, 2021

In and around the linguistics department in the next week:

  • Fieldwork Forum - Wednesday Sep 22 - Dwinelle 1303 and Zoom (p/w fforum) - 3:10-4pm
    Jack Martin (William & Mary): 85 Years after Haas: Collaborative Documentation of Muskogee (Creek) Oral History.
  • Language Revitalization Working Group - Wednesday Sep 22 - Dwinelle 1303 and Zoom - 4-5pm
    Language revitalization materials show-and-tell! Bring any language revitalization materials that you've been working on, that you've used in the past, or that you are inspired by. We will have a round-robin-style show-and-tell along with time for discussion. We'll ask everyone to briefly describe their material, what they liked about it, and what they didn't particularly like or would like feedback on.
  • Phorum - Friday Sep 17 - Dwinelle 1303 and Zoom - 12-1pm
    Jon Rawski (SJSU): Abductive learning of phonotactic constraints.
  • Phorum - Friday Sep 24 - Zoom (online only) - 12-1pm
    AMP2021 practice talks
    Katie Russell: Nasal harmony and interactions with lexical strata in Paraguayan Guaraní
    Maksymilian Dąbkowski: Prosody drives Paraguayan Guaraní suffix order
  • Sociolinguistics Lab at Berkeley - Friday Sep 17 - Dwinelle 5125 and Zoom - 3-4pm
    Discussion of Holliday & Squires 2021. Please email Ben Papadopoulos for the Zoom link and/or to be added to the SLaB mailing list.
  • Syntax and Semantics Circle - Friday Sep 17 - Dwinelle 1303 and Zoom - 3-4:30pm
    Amy Rose Deal (UC Berkeley): The logic of agreement: Movement, morphology, and composite probes.