O'Hagan on COVID-19 and language loss in Peru

June 4, 2020

In response to the presumed COVID-19-related death of one of the last speakers of Omagua, Amelia Huanaquiri Tuisima, on May 10 in Iquitos, Peru, Zach O'Hagan was interviewed by freelance journalist Barbara Fraser for a piece in the New Humanitarian (English) about the role of the Catholic church in the local health response and the effects on indigenous people. He was also interviewed by Juan Francisco Ugarte of Salud con Lupa for a series of obituaries -- one for doña Amelia (Spanish) -- that outlet is doing in response to COVID-19. Zach wrote an obituary for Amelia of his own (Spanish & English) and a reflection on the perseverance of Omagua people since 1542 (Spanish).