O'Hagan on a research trip in South America

August 30, 2023

Zachary O'Hagan spent seven weeks in South America this summer, presenting on focus in Caquinte (Arawak; Peru) at AMAZONICAS IX in Bogotá and on 17th-century Omagua (Tupí-Guaraní; Peru) toponyms at SALSA XIV in Leticia, Colombia, followed by four weeks in Iquitos, Peru. There he worked with speakers of Urarina (isolate; photo below) and Taushiro (isolate), presented preliminary results from the California Language Archive's recent acquisition of Urarina legacy archival materials to Urarina school teachers (with Emanuele Fabiano, in nearby Nauta), was a panelist at the Apostolic Vicariate of Iquitos's second conversatorio "¿Qué Amazonía Queremos?" and rekindled relationships with school teachers and others at a meeting in San Joaquín de Omaguas for the revitalization of Omagua.

Listening to stories in Urarina recorded in the 1990s by anthropologist Bartholomew Dean (Nauta, Peru; August 2023)