Survey updates

February 14, 2020
First-year graduate student Alex Elias has assisted in the last few weeks in scanning two Berkeley linguists' field notes on five different languages:
  • George Foster's 13 notebooks on the culture and language of the Yuki people of northern California, dating from 1937 (Oswalt.007.001 through Oswalt.007.013). Foster (1913-2006) received his PhD under A.L. Kroeber in 1946, and was later Professor of Anthropology, until 1979. His wife, Mary LeCron Foster (1914-2001), received a PhD from this department in 1965, and the campus's anthropology library is named after them. The notebooks were originally given to Robert Oswalt (PhD 1961). Consultants were Charlie Doorman, Cecilia Logan, George Moore, Ralph Moore, Eben Tilletson, and Old Toby.
  • George Foster's 3 notebooks on Huchnom (Yukian; CA) culture, also dating from 1937 (Oswalt.007.014 through Oswalt.007.016). The consultant was Lula Johnson.
  • George Grekoff's 3 notebooks on the Clayoquot dialect of Nuu-chah-nulth, a Wakashan language of British Columbia, dating from 1966 and 1967 (Grekoff.002.001 through Grekoff.002.003). Grekoff (1923-1999) was a student of Mary Haas in this department. He did not complete the PhD, but later taught at the University of Washington. Consultants were Hyacinth David, Winifred David, and Odelia Hunter.
  • George Grekoff's 5 notebooks on Skagit, a Lushootseed variety (Salishan; WA), dating from 1964 to 1967 (Grekoff.002.004 through Grekoff.002.008). The consultant was Louise George.
  • George Grekoff's notebook on Southeastern Pomo (Pomoan; CA), dating from 1957 (Grekoff.002.009). The consultants were Effie and John Kelsey.