Linguists in Other Departments

Affiliated Faculty

William F. Hanks

William Hanks Berkeley Distinguished Professor in Linguistic Anthropology
Office: 315 Anthropology and Art Practice Building
Research and teaching: 
The organization and dynamics of routine language use, Shamanism, and colonial history of Yucatan; Mayan languages; semantics and pragmatics, especially deictic systems

Mairi McLaughlin

Mairi McLaughlin Associate Professor of French
Office: 4224 Dwinelle
Research and teaching: French linguistics, Romance linguistics, syntactic change, language contact, translation studies, language and the media, speech reporting

Beth Piatote

Beth Piatote Associate Professor of Native American Studies
Office: 582 Social Science Building
Research and teaching: Native American literature, history, law and culture; Nez Perce texts

Linguists and Language Scholars in Other Departments

Ronelle Alexander, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures (emerita)

Ann Banfield, Department of English (emerita)

Patricia Baquedano-Lopez, Graduate School of Education

Adam Benkato, Department of Near Eastern Studies

Charles L. Briggs, Department of Anthropology

Mel Y. Chen, Department of Gender and Women's Studies

Justin Davidson, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Lily Wong Fillmore, Graduate School of Education (emerita)

Kristin Hanson, Department of English

Yoko Hasegawa, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Marti A. Hearst, School of Information

Dan Klein, Computer Science Division, College of Engineering

Claire Kramsch, Department of German (emerita)

John MacFarlane, Department of Philosophy

Sam A. Mchombo, Department of African American Studies

Irmengard Rauch, Department of German (emerita)

Martin Schwartz, Department of Near Eastern Studies (emeritus)

Thomas F. Shannon, Department of German

Mahesh Srinivasan, Department of Psychology

Seth Yalcin, Department of Philosophy