Emeritus Faculty

Leanne Hinton

Professor Emerita of Linguistics

American Indian languages, endangered languages, language revitalization

Larry M. Hyman

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School; Director, France-Berkeley Fund


Phonological theory, language typology, African languages, especially Bantu and other Niger-Congo

Keith Johnson

Professor of the Graduate School

PhD, Ohio State University

Linguistic phonetics, psycholinguistics, neurophonetics

Paul Kay

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Color naming and perception, grammar, lexicon

George Lakoff

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Cognitive linguistics, especially the neural theory of thought and language; conceptual systems, conceptual metaphor, grammar and meaning; the application of cognitive and neural linguistics to politics, literature, psychology, philosophy and mathematics

Robin Lakoff

Professor Emerita of Linguistics

Pragmatics, sociolinguistics

Ian Maddieson

Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Phonetic and phonological universals; articulatory and acoustic phonetics

James A. Matisoff

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Southeast Asian languages, especially Tibeto-Burman and Thai, Chinese, Japanese, field linguistics, Yiddish studies, historical semantics, psychosemantics, language typology, area linguistics

Richard A. Rhodes

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

American Indian languages, grammatical theory, phonology and lexicology

Eve Sweetser

Professor Emerita of Linguistics

Semantics, syntax, historical linguistics, Celtic languages, speech act theory, metaphor theory, semantic change, grammaticalization, grammatical meaning, gesture