Lev Michael

Professor of Linguistics

PhD, UT Austin

Anthropological linguistics, typology, documentation and description of Amazonian languages, South American historical and contact linguistics, language revitalization

Line Mikkelsen

Professor of Linguistics

PhD, UC Santa Cruz

Syntax, semantics, morphology, Danish and other Germanic languages, Karuk and other languages of California, philosophy of language

Alexandra Pfiffner

Lecturer in Linguistics

PhD, Georgetown

Phonetics, phonology, and their interface; experimental phonetics; forensic linguistics

Terry Regier

Chair of Linguistics, Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science

PhD, UC Berkeley

Language and cognition; semantic variation and universals; computational linguistics

Hannah Sande

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

PhD, UC Berkeley

Phonology, morphology, and their interface; prosody; language documentation and description; African languages, especially languages of Côte d'Ivoire