Language Revitalization

Christine Beier

Assistant Adjunct Professor

PhD, UT Austin

Language endangerment, vitality, and revitalization; language documentation and description; Amazonian languages

Anna Björklund

PhD Candidate

Anna is a PhD student with an interest in the Wintuan languages, traditionally spoken in the northern Sacramento Valley and now undergoing revitalization. Her primary research interests are in leveraging archival recordings for the phonetic analysis of these under-documented languages. She has worked as a linguistic consultant for the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians since 2020 and the Wintu Tribe of Northern California since 2022.

Madeline Bossi


Syntax and its interfaces, semantics, pragmatics, language documentation and revitalization

Maksymilian Dabkowski

PhD Candidate

My research brings grammatical patterns from lesser-studied languages to bear on key questions of linguistic theory. In a lot of my work, I investigate the role of word-internal syntactic structure in the phonology and morphology of agglutinating languages.

My main empirical focus is A'ingae (or Cofán, ISO 639-3: con), an Amazonian isolate spoken by ca. 1,500 Cofán people in northeast Ecuador and southern Colombia.

Leanne Hinton

Professor Emerita of Linguistics

American Indian languages, endangered languages, language revitalization

Edwin Ko


Syntax, semantics, morphosyntax, language variation and change, historical and comparative linguistics, language documentation and revitalization, Alaska Native and Native American languages (especially Aleut, Crow, Hidatsa, and Northern Pomo)

Raksit Tyler Lau-Preechathammarach


Sound change, experimental phonetics, tonogenesis, perception-production link, documentation & revitalization, Austroasiatic languages, Ryukyuan languages

Anna Macknick

PhD Student

Morphology, phonology, dialectal variation, language revitalization

Erik Hans Maier


Syntax, semantics, morphology, fieldwork, language documentation and revitalization, verbal art, Karuk, Germanic languages