Visiting Scholar/Student Researcher

Jana Dietzel

Visiting Student Researcher


My research lies at the intersection of cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics, and historical linguistics. I study the emergence of technical language, focusing on the use of metaphor and the extent to which this reflects cultural, social, political, and epistemic factors at the time of the creation of the technical texts, as well as the personal attitudes and biography of the researcher. I am particularly interested in the technical language of psychoanalysis and scientific analogies expressed in the form of metaphors. In addition, I am generally interested in the...

Tomasz Luszczek

Visiting Student Researcher

I am a fifth-year PhD student in linguistics at the University of Warsaw. I am currently visiting the UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics on a 10-month Fulbright scholarship. My research focuses on phonological theory. Specifically, I investigate issues in phonological opacity and pursue the question of how they can contribute to theory construction, in particular, to selecting the correct model for Optimality Theory. My main empirical focus is Slavic, especially Podhale Goralian, an understudied dialect of Polish spoken in the Podhale region of southern Poland.