Third readings by semantic scope lowering: prolepsis in Tiwa


Tiwa (Tibeto-Burman; India) attitude reports allow for proleptic objects, base-generated in the matrix clause but semantically related to a bound pronoun in the embedded clause. Unlike prolepsis in German (Salzmann, 2017b) and Nez Perce (Deal, 2018), which only allow for classic de re readings of the proleptic object, Tiwa prolepsis supports both classic de re and third readings. We provide an analysis that derives third readings via semantic scope lowering, an analytical relative of semantic reconstruction, and consider cross-linguistic implications.

Virginia Dawson
Publication date: 
January 1, 2019
Publication type: 
Recent Publication
Dawson, Virginia, and Amy Rose Deal. 2019. Third readings by semantic scope lowering: prolepsis in Tiwa. In M. Teresa Espinal, E. Castroviejo, M. Leonetti, L. McNally, & C. Real-Puigdollers (eds.), Proceedings from Sinn und Bedeutung 23, pp. 329-346. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Valles ) .