Title Author Yearsort ascending Publication type
Comparative Analysis of Tone-Melody Interactions in Cantonese Opera, Late 20th-Century Cantopop, and Contemporary Cantopop Skyler Baysa 2024 Honors Theses
Comparative Analysis of Tone-Melody Interactions in Cantonese Opera, Late 20th-Century Cantopop, and Contemporary Cantopop 2024 Honors Theses
Imagining Aliens: A Sociophonological Analysis of Alien Conlangs Naomi Schroeter 2024 Honors Theses
Orthographic Effects on Vowel Contrast in Language Acquisition Julian Vargo 2024 Honors Theses
Accented Speech Recognition Disparities in Digital Voice Assistants: Addressing Spanish- Accented English Andres Sanchez 2023 Honors Theses
From āṭutan̠ to khalbə: Examining the heart of liquid adaptation in Malayalam’s English and Arabic loans Aishwarya Jayadeep 2023 Honors Theses
Kinship Terminologies and Their Communicative Need in English and Hindi Gunjan Anand 2023 Honors Theses
Language: A multidimensional Tool in Higher Education between Achievement and Oppression Cecilia Elena Bachmann 2023 Honors Theses
(Post)Syntactic Variation in Early Modern Welsh Poetry: An Optimality Theoretic Approach Calvin Quick 2023 Honors Theses
The Vaccine Holocaust: The Rhetorical Use of Metaphor in Anti-vax Discourse Bryce N. Wallace 2023 Honors Theses
Morphosyntactic Changes in the Polynesian Thematic Suffixes Cor Zanda 2023 Honors Theses
A Description and Theoretical Analysis of Lobi STAMP Morphs Chelsea (Yuen Chun) Tang 2022 Honors Theses
One language or five thousand: A Linguistic Categorization Analysis of Library of Congress Classification and Language Resources Margaret Asperheim 2022 Honors Theses
Variation in Hong Kong Cantonese Nasal Onsets Jenkin Leung 2022 Honors Theses
Tonal Variations on bu in Mandarin-English Code-Switching Cynthia Zhong 2022 Honors Theses
A Computational Approach to Acoustic Analysis of Queer Speech Cooper Bedin 2022 Honors Theses
An Identification Tree Model of Conjunction Tegan Lakshmanan 2022 Honors Theses
Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Nihagantsi Vowels Noah Usman 2021 Honors Theses
Perfective Aspect and Order of Affixation in Pulaar Samba Kane 2021 Honors Theses
The Syntax of English Parentheticals: An Adjunction Analysis Sophia Stremel 2021 Honors Theses
Local High School Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes In Regards to Language Learning Alleia Guerrero 2021 Honors Theses
Phylogenetic Analysis of the Central & Eastern Maipuran Languages Griffin David Peavler 2021 Honors Theses
Pragmatic Influences on Argument Word Order in Karuk Narrative Texts Kevin Yu 2021 Honors Theses
The Phonetics of Iquito Lexical Tones Stacey Vu 2021 Honors Theses
A Bayesian Phylogenetic Classification of Japurá-Colombia and Alto Negro (Arawakan) Ravenna Collver 2021 Honors Theses
LAMA: A simple tool for sharing audio-linked lexical data Teela Huff 2021 Honors Theses
“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence in Mandarin 然后用中文完成”: Towards Sociolinguistically-Aware Computational Models of Codeswitching Using Classification and Regression Trees (CART) Irene Yi 2021 Honors Theses
Phylogenetic Classification of the Negro-Roraima Subgroup Zaphiel Miller 2021 Honors Theses
Gender in Hebrew Liturgy: Innovation and Continuity Amelia Mei Fineberg 2020 Honors Theses
The Representation of Polysemy in the French-English Bilingual Lexicon Karina Fong-Hirschfelder 2020 Honors Theses
The Relationship Between Gestural Viewpoint and Detail Retention Sarah H. Roberts 2020 Honors Theses
Corporeal Poetics: Writing with the Body in ASL Poetry Sarah Rivka 2019 Honors Theses
Speech Patterns of Bipolar Disorder: A Case Study of Phonetic Features in Speech Romi Yount 2019 Honors Theses
Plural Classifier 'xie' and Grammatical Number in Mandarin Chinese Yvette Yi-Chi Wu 2019 Honors Theses
Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Kampa Consonants Eric Chen 2019 Honors Theses
Back Translation for Natural Equivalence and Polysemy Structure in German-English Wiktionary Translations Katrina R. Olsen 2018 Honors Theses
The California Vowel Shift in the Performance of an Asian American Identity Beth Martyn 2018 Honors Theses
Irony & Viewpoint in Flannery O’Connor Justin Knight 2018 Honors Theses
Effect of Speaker on the Nonword Repetition Task in Monolingual and Bilingual Children and Adults Claudia C. Valdivia 2018 Honors Theses
Directionals and Aspect in Matsigenka Michael Dohn 2017 Honors Theses
Salience and the formal link: Experimental evidence for a unified NP-deletion theory of English pronouns Joshua Martin 2017 Honors Theses
Sound symbolism, speech identity, and size Andrew Shibata 2017 Honors Theses
Phonetic Accommodation to Non - Native English Speech Qiu Ting Liu 2017 Honors Theses
The Effects of Singing on Speech in Geriatric Voice: An Acoustic Study Libby Perfitt 2016 Honors Theses
Zombirovat’ : A Corpus Study of Modern Biaspectual Verbs In the Russian Language Emma Wilcox 2016 Honors Theses
On the Co­speech Gesture of Mass and Count Nouns Elizabeth Ann Amazing 2016 Honors Theses
Diacritics vs. Floating Tones in San Esteban Atatlahuca Mixtec Jeff Spingeld 2015 Honors Theses
Typological Canonicality of Karuk Agreement Whitney White 2015 Honors Theses