Siouan Languages Working Group (SLWG)

When? Saturdays 10:00AM-11:30AM (Pacific time)

Where? Spring 2022 via Zoom

What? We are a cross-institutional working group dedicated to the exploration of the cultures and linguistic complexities of the Siouan languages, such as Crow, Hidatsa, Quapaw, Lakota, and Tutelo-Saponi. We focus on anthropological and linguistic literature (generally one reading per week), and we give particular emphasis to comparative and diachronic analyses of Siouan grammar. We also serve as a workshop space to assist with new analyses of languages in the family.

Who? SLWG is organized by Edwin Ko. We welcome all those interested in Siouan languages, with all levels of experience, including those in other departments. To join our mailing list and to obtain the Zoom link, please write to eddersko at berkeley dot edu.

This semester's topic is on comparative and historical Siouan linguistics.

Previous topics included Siouan semantics (e.g. modality), morphosyntax (e.g. switch-reference), and morphophonology (e.g. ablaut).

Upcoming Schedule

2022.09.24 Discussion of Jacques (2016) On the Directionality of Analogy in a Dhegiha Paradigm [PDF]

Jacques, G. (2016). On the directionality of analogy in a Dhegiha paradigm. International Journal of American Linguistics82(2), 239-248.

Past Readings

Comparative and historical Siouan linguistics

Rankin, Robert. 2003. The Comparative Method. In Joseph, Brian & Janda, Richard (eds.), The Handbook of Historical Linguistics, 183-212. Oxford: Blackwell. 

Phonology and phonetics

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