Affiliated Faculty

David Bamman

Associate Professor, School of Information

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Natural language processing and cultural analytics, applying NLP and machine learning to empirical questions in the humanities and social sciences.

Patricia Baquedano-López

Professor of Education


The intersection of language and race in education. Recent research on the dynamics of transnational Indigenous sovereignty, return migration, and education in the Maya diaspora Yucatan-California.

Mel Y. Chen

Associate Professor of Gender & Women's Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Sexual Culture

PhD, UC Berkeley

Queer and feminist theory, Disability theory, Critical animal studies, Materiality studies, Cultural politics of race, sexuality, ability, and immigration, Critical linguistics, Paradigms of inter- and transdisciplinarity

Justin Davidson

Associate Professor of Spanish and Romance Linguistics

PhD, University of Illinois

Sociolinguistics, contact linguistics and language contact, language variation and change, Romance linguistics, quantitative methods (statistics, variable rule analyses for sociolinguistics, and computer software for statistics), sociohistorical linguistics, sociophonetics, bilingualism, Catalan, Spanish, dialectal diversification, foreign language pedagogy.

William F. Hanks

Distinguished Professor in Linguistic Anthropology

PhD, University of Chicago

The organization and dynamics of routine language use, Shamanism, and colonial history of Yucatan; Mayan languages; semantics and pragmatics, especially deictic systems

Kristin Hanson

Professor of English

PhD, Stanford University

Poetic meter. Toward a general theory of meter as a stylization of the phonology of rhythm in natural language, and how such a theory can illuminate formal, historical and aesthetic properties of modern English meters

Yoko Hasegawa

Professor of Japanese

PhD, UC Berkeley

Professor Hasegawa teaches Japanese Linguistics and serves as Coordinator of the Japanese Language Program.

Richard Ivry

Professor of Psychology

PhD, University of Oregon

Cognition and action, with an emphasis on how people select actions, learn skills, and produce coordinated movements.

Dacher Keltner

Professor of Psychology

PhD, Stanford University

Social/Personality: emotion; social interaction; individual differences in emotion; conflict and negotiation; culture; co-Director of the Greater Good Science Center.

Richard Kern

Professor of French

PhD, UC Berkeley

Literacy, second language acquisition, writing, psycholinguistics, reading, French language, French linguistics, technology and education.