Affiliated Faculty

John MacFarlane

Professor of Philosophy

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic

Sam Mchombo

Associate Professor of African Amerian Studies and African Diaspora Studies

PhD, University of London (SOAS)

Language and national identity, African linguistic structure and linguistic theory, rights and social justice in African education.

Mairi McLaughlin

Associate Professor of French

PhD, University of Cambridge

French linguistics, Romance linguistics, syntactic change, language contact, translation studies, language and the media, speech reporting.

Johanna Nichols

Professor Emerita of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Historical linguistics; typology, including historical typology; linguistic geography and areal linguistics. Chechen, Ingush, Russian

Steven Piantadosi

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Formal computational methods and behavioral experiments to study how people learn language and create conceptual systems.

Beth Piatote

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and English

PhD, Stanford University

Native American literature, history, law and culture; Nez Perce texts.

Thomas Shannon

Professor of Germanic Linguistics and Dutch Studies

PhD, Indiana University

Germanic linguistics; Modern German and Dutch; Syntax and phonology; Functional and cognitive approaches, e.g. the affects of various semantic, pragmatic, and processing factors on syntactic phenomena.

Dan Slobin

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Linguistics (cognitive, functional, typological), psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language and cognitive development, sign language, cross-cultural

Mahesh Srinivasan

Associate Professor of Psychology

PhD, Harvard

Linguistic and cognitive development, word learning, lexical semantics, pragmatics, linguistic relativity, historical semantic change and cross-linguistic typology.

Frederic Theunissen

Professor of Psychology

PhD, UC Berkeley

Neural basis of vocal learning in songbirds; auditory physiology; speech perception.